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Seafood with time, rustic mountaineering, and local sake in Toyama

The surroundings of "Hotel Ogawa" is a treasure house of Yamanoko
Furthermore, the fishing port boasting abundant landings is as close as possible,
Fresh Japanese seafood of Toyama bay is also present though it is in the mountains.
You can enjoy various seasonal tastes throughout the four seasons.
  • Ogawa Prestigious Party Cooking<spring>

  • Seasonal fish dishes

    Toyama Bay in winter is rich in fish species.The chief chef has carefully selected seasonal fish.
  • Yamanashirchi

    From spring to summer in the snow melting, a wide variety of wild plants brings a meal.
    Bamboo shoots, mainspring etc. ....You can also enjoy mushrooms cuisine in autumn.
    Salt-grilling of rocky fish grown in clear stream is also exceptional.
    How about bone drinking etc as a hot sake brewer?
  • Umino nochase

    Toyama Bay is a natural snake.From the fishing port such as Miyazaki, the border etc., the first thing in the morning, the fresh seafood of the crab will be delivered.Benizzei crab·Yellowtail·by·Amatee·Tatouo ...The seafood raised in the wild waves of the Sea of ​​Japan is a different story.
    Please enjoy delicacies such as firefly squid and shrimp, which you can not easily taste elsewhere.