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Surrounding tourism

We will guide you around sightseeing spots and events around the hotel.
Please enjoy plenty of nature in Toyama and Shimoniikawa County.
  • Attractions

    • Asahi Ogawa Ko (lake)

      An artificial lake born by Asahi Ogawa Dam.A dark green lake reflecting the lakeside forest is mysterious.
      Down the dam is the Herbal Valley Ogawa where herbs and flowers of the four seasons compete.
    • Fudo-do Remains

      In the middle of the Jomon period pit dwelling place, the restored residence is the largest in Japan.
      Right next door, there is a historical park like Edo (time period) town house, water mill, sho pu pond and so on.
    • Hisui Beach

      The rough stone of jade flowing from the upper stream of the Hime River into the Sea of ​​Japan flows to the Miyazaki coast by the currents.
      If you are lucky you can find a mysterious vivid vintage jade and a lovely pink jade.It is also popular as a good point for wind surfing.
    • Kurobe Gorge

      It is the deepest valley in Japan that I visit with a truck train.There are many sights such as Kinshu-kaku Gorgen, Kinshu-kaku, Kanetsuri Hot Springs, Kuronagi Onsen etc. along the 20.1 km to the end point Keyakidaira.You can enjoy various valley beauties every season.
    • Asahidake·Shirouma(Shirouma)Mountains

      To the trailhead Ogawa Hot Springs, longitudinal route leading to Asahidake Takeshi Shirouma from (elevation 2418m) (altitude 2932m) is a popular course in mountaineering enthusiasts."Shirouma ridge mountain alpine vegetation belt" is also designated as a nation-designated natural treasure, and the beautiful landscape in which many alpine plants bloom is reminiscent of a paradise on the clouds.
    • Itoigawa Geo Park

      The geological heritage of the Itoigawa area was certified as Japan's first geopark network accession geopark.
      Why do not you go on a journey around 24 geosites, a "geo tourist"?
      (30 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • A museum·A museum

    • Ippuku(Ippuku)A museum

      Exhibited works such as Ukiyo-e, ink painting, ceramics, Buddha statues, with a focus on works of Nishiomi Nonomura, a ceramic artist of the Edo (time period).
      It is a must-see collection of antique fans.
    • Asahi town, Furusato Art Museum

      This is an art museum exhibiting works by artists related to Asahi Town as well as sketch collections drawn by Taisho Romant painter Takehisa Yumeji during their stay in Asahi Town.
    • Nanairo KAN

      "Mogakitatekan" which sells special products at exhibitions, "Tsukuri Kan" where you can experience glass crafts and ceramics, "Fureaikan" which gathers old phonographs and radios, picture book author from Asahi Town, Fumihide Iguchi gathers works of " It is a sightseeing spot where seven fun gathered, including Mikoto Tower.
    • Nizayama Forest Art Museum

      Unique facility utilizing red brick power plant built in Taisho in 14 as an art museum.
      Thick water pipes and old generators are also like objects of contemporary art.
  • Golf course

    • Tanayama Golf Club

      It is 15 minutes by car from Ogawa Hot Springs.
      It is an authentic golf course made using the natural topography.
      Ogawa Hot Springs guests staying at Ogawa Hot Springs, you can also use the advantageous golf accommodation pack.
    • Asahi Jade Coast Park Golf Course

      Two course 18 holes officially recognized by the Park Golf Association.
      Playing while enjoying the nature of the sea and the mountain is very open.

      65-1 Bamba, Sakai, Asahi Town, Shimoniikawa County, Toyama Prefecture, TEL 0 765 - 82 - 1189