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Surrounding tourism

Suwa sightsee spot full of charm

Suwa feels full of the four seasons in nature and various events were held throughout the year,
There are many spots where you can experience the privileged nature such as hot springs and alcohol.
The tourist spot of Suwa, which I would like you to visit is when you come to Hamanoyu will be introduced.

Places of interest

  • Places of interest

    • Suwako Lake

      Suwako Lake

      It is the biggest lake in Shinshu located in the middle of Suwa Basin.It is colored by rows of karin and cherry trees, and is full of various charms every season.
    • Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya.20 minutes by car from the hotel

      Suwa Taisha

      Headquarters of Suwa Shrine called Osuwa SamaIt has been enshrined in the Nisha Shinomiya, Kamiyashiro is old and enshrined the Takeminakata God had gathered Kazenokami, God of water, the faith as a god of agriculture, hunting.
    • Takashima Castle the time of Takashima Castle and cherry blossoms, it is a sight filled with cherry blossoms.Hamanoyu is about 15 minutes on foot from Hamanoyu.

      Takashima Castle

      About 400 years ago, it was built by Takayoshi Hineno Hideyoshi Toyotomi's minister, Takayoshi Hineno.The castle is a park famous for its cherry blossoms and wisteria's attractions.
    • Suwa-kojo Fireworks Festival! It is about 40,000 fireworks festival held on August 15 every year.

      Fireworks at Suwako Lake

      The fireworks display which boasts one of the largest scales in the whole country brings about 40,000 fireworks to the night sky and light on the lake.Because the sound of fireworks echoes to the mountains in every direction, the power is also a perfect score.
    • The recommended observation point is "Kuruma-yamakata"

      Venus Line

      A superb view Drive Route Venus Line that represents Shinshu Drive Route Venus Line.If you enjoy flowers from June to September, autumn leaves are recommended from early October to mid-October.
    • Suwa City Taiji Harada Art Museum

      Suwa City Taiji Harada Art Museum

      Mr. Yasuharu Harada, a painter from Suwa city, will cover the whole country with the theme of "Furusato" and enjoy the various works that have drawn lovingly.
    • Kitazawa Art Museum

      Kitazawa Art Museum

      Please enjoy the world of the world's premier Art Nouveau, Art Deco period glass collection and contemporary Japanese painting.
    • SUWA Glass-no-Sato

      SUWA Glass-no-Sato

      Glass shop, museum, experience shop, bakery restaurant is a glass amusement facility.
  • Explore the hot springs

    • Katakurakan


      A large public bath called a thousand people bath is famous.Balls with a depth of about 1 m are covered with gravel and can stand and take a bath.
      Radon hot spring spa facilities.It is right behind the hotel.

      ■Telephone / 0266-52-0604
      ■2 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Lakefront park footbath

      Lakefront park footbath

      Suwako Lake is footbath which you can enjoy while enjoying the lakes of Suwako Lake and the mountains of Shinshu leisurely.
      A bench where nearly 50 people can sit is set facing Suwako Lake.The hotel has a shabu-shab pond for children.

      ■Telephone / 0266-52-4141
      ■10 minutes on foot from the hotel
      ■Use free
  • Tour of sake brewery

    • Five buildings

      Local wine of "Suwa Itsuzo" to work hard

      Suwa is a liquor in Shinshu.Suwa shi Motomachi - 2 chome area where the groundwater of the Kirigamine plateau springs up is a vibrant district of the brewing industry from long ago.
      Five buildings and bars lined up along the Former Koshu Kaido (highway) Route 20 and competing for their own unique taste.
      We sell sake brewed only locally, so why not stroll through the souvenir?

      ■Sake brand

      Masumi: Telephone / 0266-52-6161, Maihime: Telephone / 0266-52-0078, Reijin: Telephone / 0266-52-3121
      Honkin: Telephone / 0266-58-0161, Yokobue: Telephone / 0266-52-0108
      ■Approximately 15 minutes on foot from the hotel