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Catch kindness

  • Please relish Kaiseki dishes of carefully selected materials!

    Please dine at the hotel's restaurant "Saryo Shingetsu" with a special view of the capital letter of mountain mountain specialties.
  • Saryo Shingetsu

    "Tea House moon moon" is a panoramic restaurant
    Hakone's outer race, which changes constantly at dinner time Please enjoy the nature of Hakone during breakfast.

    Dinner is available in the room or the restaurant depending on the room type, so please inquire.

    We serve breakfast everyone in the restaurant.
  • Passion of board length

    The creative cuisine of the young board leader of the hotel brings a surprise that has never been experienced.Surely a nice betrayal is waiting.

    In addition, the seasoning is seasoned between the Kanto cooking and the Kansai cooking.
    We will deliver convinced without sparing trouble.
  • Passionate ingredients

    Hakone Seiroku Vegetables also stock vegetables carefully selected from the whole country including Hakone Seiroku Vegetables.(Photo: 1st photo)
    We are offering more fresh and seasonal fish from all over the country, mainly local things in Sagami Bay.(Photo: 2nd sheet)
    Hakone Highest Peak·Kamiyama(1438 m)Groundwater.All the water used in the facility is this spring water.(Photo: 3rd photo)