Echizen Beach Quasi-National Park, Hidetake Ryokan · local fish specialty store

【Official】Hidetake Ryokan

Japan seafood and sunset ...Please spend your rest at Echizen

The page of mind on the sunset in the Sea of ​​Japan
Beautiful sunset in the Sea of ​​Japan is so mysterious ...
Above all, the landscape seen from Yaukeiwa is an art itself.
You will surely be extinguishing your natural make-up.

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  • Summer enjoys the sea and gastronomy. Please enjoy it to the master who knew the sea of Echizen.

    Bookings made through this official website are not eligible for the GoTo Travel Campaign.
    For those who want to apply the discount of GoTo Travel Campaign, from Jalan, Rakuten, Rurubu
    Please search the hotel and make a reservation.

    For regional coupons, you can also use it for additional food and drinks during your stay, cooking, and lunch for a day trip.
    You can use it, so please enjoy "Echizen Crab Gani" at a reasonable price!
  • ★It will be a season where you can enjoy live squid from around February★

    You can enjoy live squid caught in local Echizen from around February!
    Guests will be served breakfast with fresh live squid caught that morning.

    Please enjoy the deliciousness of the morning catch!


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Direct from fishermen Onsen Inn, Hidetake


39-22 Tamagawa, Echizen Town, Nyu County, Fukui Prefecture

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Train: It is approximately 40 minutes by bus from JR Takefu Tsuruga IC → Kono Kaigan Toll Road → R305 is about 50 minutes. Or use Sabae IC.
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  • This facility is located in Echizen Beach Tamagawa Onsen you can see the beautiful and magnificent Sea of Japan from the guest room

    We cook the seafood that we boiled in our boat soon and deliver the taste of the Sea of ​​Japan sea squatting.
    We are looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

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