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Overnight Stay Plan

  • ◆◆★★A celebration of "Ginza no Yado" posting! ◆【Meal in Dining Hall(Table seat)】

    It was published in Kansai・Chugoku and Shikoku Jalan special feature.
    ★Dinner Review "4.9" · Breakfast "4.7" Fisherman's delicacy cooked!

    From November 7th it will be the normal price.

    【Dinner example】
    ·Direct from fishermen Seasonal sashimi
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  • ◆◆【Great Value Plan】With beef steak★Fisherman direct delivery! Echizen Shunsuki is a feast! , "Venue food table seat"

    ★It is a beachfront accommodation run by a fisherman and a professional chef.

    【Restaurant】It will be the last half past six.(Non-smoking)
    ●Prime plate sashimi
    ●small bowl
    ●Beef steak
    ●Special saucepan custard
    ●Fried food
    ●Tsubakigaya (from JuneContinue reading
  • 【1 Night/ 2 Meals Included☆Up to 2 children 0 yen! 】Limited adult 2 children 2 children & hot springs are reserved OK☆Children welcome plan venue food

    ■□■Children Welcome! , Attraction of the plan, ""■
    Limited Offer Plan (2 adults, 2 children)
    Elementary school student or less! Children are eligible, staying at 0 yen for 2 people OK!
    ※Dinner and breakfast is kids meal. ※The third child will bContinue reading
  • Good news for pet dog (Ultra small)☆Take a journey with the dog! 【Natural abalone from Echizen service】【Meal in Dining Hall (Table seat)】

    ☆☆☆Enjoy the taste of Echizen and my favorite dog (only for small dogs) and "Echizen"☆

    ◆From the fisherman's master,【One abalone service for two people!
     We cook with your favorite way of eating.

    ◆The dog 's (ultra - small) fee is also includeContinue reading