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Hinokamisou is a transportation access to Hinojiso (488-1 Takezaki, Okuizumo Town, Nita gun Shimane prefecture).

Google Map to Hinokamisou

Google Map

Hotel Name

Top 3 skin-enhancing baths in Japan, Hinokami Onsen, Hinokamisou


Shimane Prefecture Nitora-gun Okuizumo Town Takezaki 488-1

Telephone number



Matsue City, Izumo City each one and a half hours national highway line 314

Pick-up presence (condition)
Advance reservation required.
  • Map of Neighborhood to Hinokamisou

    ●【Chugoku Expressway】Shobara IC, National Route 314 from Tojo IC, one and a half hours.

    ●【Matsue direction】Matsue City, Izumo City respectively National Route 314, one and a half hours.

    ●【Yonago】Route 180 from Nichinancho ( Shoyama ), Route 108 (Inga OkuiIzumo Line), 30 minutes.1 hour 10 minutes from Yonago City