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Facility Information

In-facility map

Hinokamisou consists of a bath, a large hall, a training room, a new wing and an old hall respond to various needs of customers such as conference, meeting.

Facilities list

  • New hot spring spa

    The nature to watch from here heals the mind and body.
  • Old-style hot spring

    It is a hot spring in the old building where you can take a bath only on Sundays and public holidays.
    Enjoy a spa with a rock bath.
  • Rest rooms

    The break room can be used for breaks (free) and also for conferences and training (charged).
  • Lounge·shop

    Local souvenirs, etc., we have many stocks.
  • A dining room

    Hinokamisou is the dining room of the Hinokamisou.
  • Big Hall

    There is a stage in the hall, and you can use it for banquets, banquets (chairs and tables), etc.
  • Japanese-style-room Futama-tsuzuki

    Japanese-style-room Futama-tsuzuki can also be used for small group banquets and breaks.