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Surrounding tourism

  • Surrounding tour links

    Hinokamisou is a collection of links suitable for sightseeing around Hinokamisou.Please use it in your meaningful time.
    • Okuizumo Town Cycling Terminal

      It is a public accommodation facility managed and operated by Okuizumo Town's third center, Okuizumo Promotion.
      Everyone can use it, such as training and training camp.
    • Shimane Tourism Navi

      Shimane Tourism Navi is a homepage intended for general information of Shimane prefecture travel (sightseeing, hot springs, transportation, gourmet, others).
    • Okuizumo Town Guide

      Okuizumo Town sightseeing special product goods inn Ryokan gourmet "Sun in Tokusen-gai" It is an introduction page of Okuizumo Town in the shimane prefecture guide of the gods.
    • Okuizumo Town Home Page

      Hinokamisou is the homepage of Okuizumo Town where Hinokamisou is located.