A pilgrimage lodge located between Oe Tenshudo Church and Sakitsu Church

【Official】Hiranoya Ryokan

The nearest hotel to "Amakusa no Sakitsu Village"

Hiranoya Ryokan is the closest inn to "Sakitsu Village in Amakusa", which is being applied for registration as a World Heritage.
In the community where Buddhism, Shintoism and Christianity coexisted in the period of prohibited religion and nurtured the original faith of fishing village, there are many sights such as "Sakitsu Suwa Shrine", "Sakitsu Church", and the hidden Christian village "Oe Church".In addition, the evening scenery in "Eight beautiful views of Amakusa Sunset" is very beautiful, and once you see it, the unforgettable scenery spreads.Would you like to come and see the sunset over Japan that sinks on the horizon?
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Hiranoya Ryokan


7327 Oe, Amakusa Town, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

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Kyushu Expressway Matsubashi IC Route 57 towards Hondo direction, Hondo ~ Shimoda Onsen arrive at Oe in 20 minutes from Shimoda.
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