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Brave warm hospitality and fresh and delicious dishes!

A lot of dinner and breakfast volume! Please enjoy the fresh sashimi and Amakusa cuisine that you have caught!

As well as dinner, breakfast is really plentiful in volume! Boasting tempura dishes using camellia oil.
We have abundant wine, beer and shochu sake.

◆An example of dinner◆
·· Boiled fresh sashimi, · Hiyokiki shellfish and prawn prawn (boil) · Salt-grilled fish · Boiled fish · Tank of shark (shark) · Hormone cooked · Simmered pork
·A lizard, ·small bowl, Vinegared dish, ·small bowl, Daily, ·Sea bream charippers, ·Soup stock, ·Seasonal Fruits

◆A breakfast example◆
·Grilled fish and meat with plenty of vegetables · Grilled fish · Pickled fish · Egg dishes, · Natto · Small bowl, daily change · miso soup · · rice · · sashimi (if picked up depending on the purchase situation)

Meal time(Dinner)18: 30-21: 00(Breakfast)7: 00 to 9: 00
※The dishes may change depending on the season and purchase.
※Please eat in the restaurant "Ben".

Cooking here only with Amakusa's ingredients and Kumamoto prefecture ingredients

We will welcome you with fresh seafood and warm hospitality.
Amakusa it is an inn located in the immediate vicinity of Amakusa cho's first fishing port and Oe - Oe port, you will be able to eat sea fish bought.
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