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How to spend

A pilgrimage lodge located between Oe Church and Sakitsu Church

The closest accommodation to "Amakusa no Sakitsu Village".Seafood is also abundant! The sunset from Nishihira Tsubaki Park, which has been selected as Japan Sunset 100, is the best!

Hiranoya Ryokan is the closest lodging to "Amakusa no Sakitsu Village" which is applying for registration to the World Heritage Site.
Buddhism, Shintoism and Christianity coexisted in the period of the banquet, and many villages such as "Sakizu Suwa Shrine" and "Sakitsu Church" are located in the village that fostered the faith form specific to fishing villages.
There is a village of hidden Christianity "Oe Church"

Please do not hesitate to have a relaxing time

There is a smoking place, a kettle pot, a bookshelf (with manga), an LCD TV, a refrigerator in the shared space.
Because you can use the washing machine's washing machine freely, it is recommended for those who wish to have continuous lodging and bathing.
The bath will be private family bath.Because they become different sex, please do not take baths in order.
The use hours will change from 16: 00 to 22: 00/6: 00 to 9: 00.
  • Nature, history and culture, Amakusa is full of sights!

    • ·Sakitsu Church... About 3 minutes by car

    • Oe Church ... Approximately 2 minutes by car

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    • ·Amakusa Rosary Hall ... Approximately 2 minutes by car

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    • ·Dolphin Marine World ... Approximately 45 minutes by car

    • Symbol of World Cultural Heritage Candidate "Amakusa no Sakatsu Village"★

      It is a Gothic church nestled in a quiet fishing village in Uchizu.The current building was built in the era of French missionary Father Harve in 1954 and is one of the spots symbolizing the World Cultural Heritage Candidate "Amakusa no Sakatsu Village".In addition, you can see the Chikatsu church from the Suzaku Suwa shrine, which was the stage of Amakusa collapse (latent Christianity detection incident).