Hotel Hiruzen Hills
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Hotel Hiruzen Hills


694-129 Hiruzen-tomiyamane, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture

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Chugoku Expressway - Yonago Expressway Hiruzen IC stop- Hiruzen Plateau straight ahead to Hiruzen Plateau Turn right at the traffic light and enter Prefectural Road 482 for about 10 minutes
  • When using a car

    【From Osaka】
    Chugoku Expressway to the direction of Hiroshima-Take Yonago Expressway and go about 30 minutes to the Yonago Expressway "Hiruzen IC" Hiruzen Plateau to Hiruzen Plateau, turn right at the traffic light and enter Prefectural Road 482 for about 10 minutes

    【From Hiroshima】
    Chugoku Expressway to Osaka-Take Yonago Expressway for about 30 minutes and get off on the Yonago Expressway "Hiruzen IC" Hiruzen Plateau, turn right at the traffic lights and enter Prefectural Road 482 for about 10 minutes


    The hotel is within the premises of "Michi-no-Eki"Hiruzen Plateau.Please aim at that.Parking space on site is free (50).
    There are two wheelchair parking spaces.
    Winter requires winter tires.

    【Time required to Hiruzen】
    Osaka (From Chugoku Expressway&Yonago Expressway to Hiruzen IC) ... [About 2 hours 40 minutes]
    Hiroshima (Until Hiruzen IC via Chugoku Expressway or Yonago Expressway) ... [About 2 hours 50 minutes]
    Okayama · Kurashiki (Okayama Expressway& via Chugoku Expressway&Yonago Expressway until Hiruzen IC) ... [About 1 hour 30 minutes]

    【Time required from surrounding tourist spots】
    Izumo (R9 &Yonago Expressway via Hiruzen IC) ... [About 2 hours 10 minutes]
    Matsue (Sanin Expressway through Yonago Expressway to Hiruzen IC) ... [About 1 hour 10 minutes]
    Kaike Onsen(Via R 313)... [About 40 minutes]
    Misasa Onsen(Via R 313)... [About 50 minutes]
    Tottori sand dunes(Via R9 & R 313)... [About 1 hour 30 minutes]
  • Access by bus to Hiruzen

    Please use the high speed · Katsuyama Line (Chutetsu Hokubu Bus service).
    Via Okayama Highway, 【Tenmaya Bus Terminal·Okayama Station → Kayo IC - → Maniwa City(JR Chugokukatsuyama Station)
    JR Chugokukatsuyama Station, you need to make a transit to the Maniwa City Community Bus "Maniwa-Kun" (Hiruzen / Kuze route schedule).
    For detailed timetable, please see the timetable of the Chutetsu Bus.
  • For inquiries on the bus

    ●Chutetsu Bus
     TEL: 086-222-6601 / 0867-44-2621

    ●Maniwa City Community Bus "Maniwa-Kun"
    (Maniwa City, Citizen's Environment Department, Citizen's Division, TEL: 0867-42-1017)