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Creative Japanese food made by fusing tradition and modernity

1 minute walk from JR Saga-arashiyama Station

Nouvelle Japonaise ARASHIYAMA uses chef's carefully selected ingredients,
We offer creative cuisine of a new style not to be bound by the frame of Wakayama.
Chef who pursued food Creation of passion Please enjoy Japanese cuisine.
  • Cooking example

  • Breakfast(Dear Guest,)

    Healthy and tasty "sticking to the ingredients" "Breakfast to taste Kyo"

    Breakfast is the element of energy of the day.
    We have prepared Japanese cuisine that you can relax and calm down.
    We provide a breakfast that will convey the heart of the maker.

    From 7:00 to 9:00
  • Lunch menu

    Celebrate Japanese and Western cuisine and a vibrant side menu!

    You can choose the main!
    Half lunch buffet

    All-you-can-eat side menu such as appetizer, salad, dessert!
    Enjoy a cool summer main dish and a vibrant side menu.

    Hand made local homemade Arashiyama Tofu, Various Obanzai (Kyoto Dish), Kyoto Pickles, Soup, Kyoto 'Ogawa Coffee' and side menu also enriched!

    Available hours 11:00 to 15:00(Last Order 14: 00)

    Restaurant menu renewal!
    • Your Choice of Main Dish
      ※Some menus are not provided depending on the time.
    • Half Buffet Main Cuisine
      2018, June to August
    • *beef steak, Japanese style sharpa pin sauce
      ¥ 1800 -
    • * Shokado Bento
      ¥ 1800 -
    • * Sukiyaki with Japanese vegetables and domestic beef
      ¥ 1800 -
    • 【NEW】Fly of autumn sweetfish, Boiled various beans in tomato
      ¥ 1600 -
    • 【NEW】Hakurisse of young chicken, Autumn with vegetables
      ¥ 1600 -
    • 【NEW】Homemade smoked mackerel pasta
      The smell of homemade smoked mackerel is outstandingly compatible with pasta
      ¥ 1500 -
    • 【NEW】Seasonal fish mushrooms Rice bean and Chawanpotchi
      ¥ 1600 -
    • * Tenpura Rosa Assortment
      ¥ 1600 -
  • Dinner menu

    French choice, summer prefix dinner

    Solo Traveler, From 2500 yen(tax included)

    It is a prefix course you can choose according to your preference.
    Please choose one of two types of appetizers and each of the three main dishes.

    We will prepare your special dinner course only.
    ※The main dish is different depending on the season.

    Available time 17:00 to 21:00(Last Order 20: 00)
    • 【Delicious seasoning】Fluent in seasonal Kyoto with 15 different dishes
      Little by little, with delicious seasonal ingredients
      One night, two meals plan kaiseki course that tastes Binario boasting cuisine.

      While pleasantly listening carefully selected seasonal ingredients and Kyo vegetables with five senses,
      Temperance of kaiseki cuisine which again tells the splendor of the four seasons,
      You can enjoy the taste of ancient capital, Kyoto.
      Chief Chef who pursued food Please enjoy creative passion food of passion.
    • 【Delicious seasoning】Fluent in seasonal Kyoto with 15 different dishes
      ~Example menu~
      【Ahead】Handmade sesame tofu, Place raw seaweeds
      【Appetizer】 Finger food, Pintxos, Spoon dishes
      【Sari-ri】 abalone, Medium Toro, Angel's shrimp
      【Change of suck】Seasonal soup "Cappuccino tailoring"
      【Seafood Dish】Yanagawa hotpot of seasonal fish
      【Meat Dish】Tailor made domestic beef steak pave tailoring
           Binario special "Sesame fragrant red wine sauce"
      【A lunch menu】Steamed kimme sea bream steamed, Yamanoha scented silver bean paste
           Kamasu Yakiyaki, Blowing wind
           Fukumoto Hakata Koage, lotus root
      【Steamed food】Steamed kimme babu Shinshu
      【Meal】Five kinds of pretty handmade sushi
      【Sweets】Today's dessert coffee
      7000 yen
  • Japanese style & Western-style mixed creative party meal

    Creative cuisine cooking course to enjoy seasonal ingredients including Kyo vegetables

    Mt Ogura

    • ●Japanese style & Western-style mixed creative party meal
      September to November 2018
      【Menu example】
    • * Appetizer
      Pickup Yuba, Sesame tofu, Autumn smoked autumn mackerel
    • Build
      A post, Taiyaki frost building, Button shrimp
    • * Koban
      Grilled Characters with Mushrooms and Vegetables
    • *fish dishes
      Miso flavor of silver salmon and Vuute of mushrooms
      Vegetables, Drawing ornaments
    • *Meat dish
      Carefully crossbred beef steak
      Binario special "Sesame fragrant red wine sauce"
    • * Strass
      Braised with sea bream pepper
    • A meal
      Sea bream charippers, soup stock, Three kinds of kyoto pickles
    • * Water
      Three kinds of fruits and sweet assorted coffee
    • The thought of the chief chef
      There is nothing more interesting than cooking both making and eating.It is pleasant to make dishes that you will be pleased with.

      Chief Chef, Kubota
    • Nouvelle Japonaise ARASHIYAMA(Hotel Binario Saga Arashiyama)

      TEL / 075-871-9711(Hotel Binario Saga Arashiyama)
      Business hours
      【Breakfast】7: 00 to 9: 00, "Lunch" from 11: 00 to 14: 00
      【Dinner】17: 00-21: 00(Last Order 20: 00)

      Regular holiday, 7 days a week
      Address 3-4 Hiromichi Town, Saga Tenryuji, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture