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  • Up to 100 people, to gather for exchange

    The Hotel has many banquet halls and conference rooms available for 5 to 100 people.
    Accommodation training, exhibitions, school excursions, sports camps, etc. that comprehensively use these conference rooms etc. in cafes, restaurants, accommodation rooms,
    It is possible to use it as an optimum venue in conjunction with fleeting sightseeing.

◆While basking in the banquet hall and cuisine, flowers bloom in memory story

  • While wrapping around the cuisine, you can use according to the number of people from small party to big party

    On the 1st floor banquet halls "Saga" "Utano" "Tokiwa", it is best for small group gatherings such as dining.
    Also open for space, you can use it as a large banquet hall for multipurpose purposes.
    It is also possible to prepare a high-seat chair, as well as Osabara.
    At the 3rd floor banquet hall "Arashiyama" you can use it in the style of eating and sitting according to your use such as ceremonies and parties.

    Usage time 11:00 to 20:30

    Capacity 5 to 100 people

◆Meeting room, from large conference to local meeting

  • Variety rich community space that can be used according to purpose

    Equipped with optimal facilities for meetings and training, it is a bright space devised natural light and artificial light.
    For each conference room, you can see the character information on the electric bulletin board at the same time.
    You can use it for reception etc.

    【Arashiyama】School ceremony: 150 people Bold letters: 70 people 【Hanazono】Bold letters: 20 people
    【Omuro】School formula: 50 people Bold letters: 36 people 【Atago】School ceremony: 35 people

    Utilization time
    9: 00-21: 30

    Incidental equipment
    ■Wireless microphone 1,782 yen
    ■White board 1,188 yen
    ■Screen 1,188 yen
    ■PC projector ¥ 3,564
    ■stage(120 cm × 120 cm × 4 sheets)