【Official】HOTEL day by day Hamamatsu

The real relaxation we think.

What we stuck was that,
"Relaxation with the five senses" to heal the tiredness of one day and welcome to tomorrow properly.
"Hotel day by day" for your lovely tomorrow.

Like your everyday

  • Concept

    Gentle touch, restful sleep, refreshing morning light.
    From today to tomorrow.
    For your lovely tomorrow.

Relaxing rooms

  • Room

    I can be relieved as I returned to my house.
    A place to relax and heal the tiredness of the day.
    That is the room of Hotel day by day.

Fulfilling plan

Because it's earthquake disaster

  • Safety

    We give various consideration to stay with peace of mind.

Service overview

  • Service

    We will respond with a smile and hospitality feeling so that you can relax like your home.

Special for all women

  • for Woman

    Meeting at work at Hamamatsu.
    I am attracted by a value-priced price and a stylish atmosphere and book "Hotel day by day".
    How do you spend your day?

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.