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Service overview

  • We will respond with a smile and hospitality feeling so that you can relax like your home.
  • wholeheartedly

    We will welcome you with all your heart.Please ask anything anything.
  • My Home Living

    I had a sightseeing strategy conference with a friend with a free drink, and at a night we talked about a happy day for a wine ....
    Another room other than the room.d - cafe please spend like your living room.
  • Free drink available

    Soft drinks such as coffee and 100% juice, and wine, gin and shochu are available free of charge.You can use it until 23 o'clock.
  • Check out also smart

    Just put the card key in the front desk key box on your way back.
    No troublesome checkout is necessary.

  • Save points if you save points

    I will stamp one point per night.
    We will offer a gift as a gift at 5 points and a free stay at 10 points.


  • In our hotel's fecebook page, as well as information such as events in this area, we are constantly disseminating value plan and profitable information.
    "How nice! Please click the button to join.
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    How to spend day by day
    We are publishing the photo of day by day!

Access Map

  • ◆Access
    3-10-25 Chuo Naka-Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
    Hotel Day by Day(Hotel day by day)
    TEL 053-452-6600

    ◆By train / Shinkansen bullet train
    JR Hamamatsu Station North Gate is about 8 minutes on foot from JR Hamamatsu Station North Gate.
    ACT CITY is convenient to use the air passage of ACT CITY 2F.

    〈Tokaido Shinkansen〉
    ·Approximately 90 minutes from Tokyo Station by Hikari · About 120 minutes by Kodama
    ·Approximately 90 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station · 120 minutes by Kodama
    ◆In case of coming by car
    About 30 minutes from Hamamatsu IC.About 30 minutes from Hamamatsu-Nishi IC.
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  • There's a parking lot

    We have a parking lot next to the hotel.As there are limited number of units, when coming by car please tell at reservation.

Air passage navigation


    JR Hamamatsu Station
  • ①-1

    JR Hamamatsu Station 1F north exit
  • ① -2

    Go out to the right as you exit the North Exit.There are stairs leading to the aerial passage.
  • ① -3

    As you climb the stairs you will connect to the aerial passage.
  • Please go straight ahead until you catch the aerial passage of the moving walkway.
  • ③-1

    When we are at the end, turn left.
  • ③ -2

    I will turn right when I am at the end.Please head toward the municipal North parking lot.
  • ③-3

    There is a moving walkway when turning to the right.
  • ④ -1

    This is the last moving walk.It is a municipal parking lot north parking lot.
  • ④ -2

    When I get off this staircase I will arrive at the hotel in about 2 minutes.
  • GOAL

    HOTEL day by day