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For all women

  • Meeting at work at Hamamatsu.
    I am attracted by a value-priced price and a stylish atmosphere and book "Hotel day by day".
    How do you spend your day?

I want to be a hotel where women can relax

  • In the morning, sofa seat facing the south side is recommended.
    It seems that warm sunlight is comfortably falling asleep.

The 10th floor is a ladies-only floor

  • We have 1 floor on the 10th floor as a ladies' exclusive floor.
    You can relax with female customers as well.

Extensive ladies amenity

  • An important bus time to heal the tiredness of the day.
    Please use a bath salt that unravels your body by the effect of scent and salt.

Gentle touch

  • We adopt cotton which is gentle to non-colored / unbleached skin, such as towels, sheets and nightwear.
    You can use it with ease even if you are sensitive to things touching the skin.

Spa amenities

  • A healing skin care brand "omnisens" born from the largest spa in Paris.
    We have amenity plan that come with soap, body lotion, hand cream and so on.

Aroma diffuser

  • Please spend a relaxing moment with a plan with an aroma diffuser.