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Fish made with Izu fresh fish, local dishes.
Japanese / Western Please enjoy with various menus.
  • Main Dining Nishiki

    ~A dinner show will bring excitement overnight in a hot spring~

    It is a spacious theater restaurant with 450 seats.Dinner show held every day.For dinner we will use the seasonal seasonal ingredients and we will prepare a new sense creative course meal that fuses Japanese and Western.Please have a relaxing time while seeing the dinner show.
  • Umisachihiko · Yamasachihiko (Umihiko · Yamaki Ko)

    ~Buffet with attractive theme according to the season~

    Izu is a treasure trove of seafood and mountaineering.It is a buffet style dinner that uses seasonal ingredients such as natural farm crops and livestock products in the near Fuji of Izu and near Fuji well as seafood in the waters.The capacity is 50 people.You can relax and have dinner with family and group.(The busy period may change the venue)

    ※We are preparing "Family Buffet" which can be enjoyed in family during the busy season (GW, summer, year-end and new year etc.).
    ※You can enjoy hot dishes cooked by the chef in the live kitchen in front of you.
    ※In the case of family buffet, the venue will be 15th floor Salon de Kinrin.
  • Buffet Breakfast

    ~Buffet with more than 30 kinds of Japanese to Western dishes~

    It is a buffet with more than 30 kinds of menus, such as Japanese and Western balanced, seasonal fruits, popular rice friends with souvenirs.