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Hot Springs

High-quality hot water with plenty of minerals pulled directly from the ocean floor.

A bathhouse facility completed in Atami only scenic spot "Nishikiga-Ura" where cliffs and shining seas spread.

When the light of the morning pours into the blue sea and the strange rocks / caves of this ura, it becomes a dazzling 5-color light and shines.
People are said to have come to call this land "Nishikiga-Ura" with the beauty of it, the name of Kyo no Kishika.
"Nishikiga-Ura" where Hotel New Akao and Sparium Nishiki are located is certified as "World Geopark."

A sea spa where nature and people can be integrated and refreshed.

  • "Sparium Nishiki" Bathing to the sea

    ~ "Sea hot springs" where nature and people can be integrated and refreshed ~

    Atami natural spa gentle and spiraling from the ocean floor as if dyed in the blue of the sea.
    The color of ever-changing colors of the superb view "Nishikiga-Ura".
    Please spend luxurious time irreplaceable in the space that heals tiredness of everyday life in response to nature.
    Hot spring bath hours
    From 5:00 to 10:00 / 13:30 to 23:00
  • "Sparium Nishiki" A steep bath of cliffs

    Bathing service to the sea

    It adopts Infiniti design which eliminates the boundary between the bathing surface of the bathtub and the surface of the ocean that you are immersed in, and is a bath of sensation that is immersed in the sea.

    Temple of cliff (Tana)

    It is a bath designed to prevent the sitting head and body from entering the sight by arranging the three bathtubs in a staggered manner like a terraced field.
  • "Sparium Nishiki" inner bath

    Inner bath - on the side of the bath to the sea -

    The inner bath, wrapped in a stylish atmosphere of dark blue tone, is given a directive that can sense the sensation that seems to float in the sea.

    Inner bath - shelf side of cliff -

    From the inner bath wrapped in the warmth of light brown tone warmth, you can enjoy the view of Sagami Bay the morning and enjoy the moonlight at night.

    Fountain quality | chloride fountain
    Sauna |, There
    Business Hours |, 5:00 to 10:00, 13: 30-23: 00
    Remarks | will be replaced with a gender.
  • Great Bath 'Shidai'

    ~ You can enjoy the source as it is, exactly "natural hot spring" ~

    It is a hot spring of "natural hot spring (circulation filtration formula)" which does not dilute hot springs that are more boiling from the source in the premises, but also pours into the bath without warming up.Together with hot water, please enjoy the sense of scale of the large public bath.A low-temperature sauna is also available at the hotel in the bath.

    Fountain quality | chloride fountain
    Sauna |, with (afternoon only)
    Business Hours |, 5: 30 to 11: 00, 15:00 to 25:00
    Remarks | Gender replacement system
  • Atami Onsen·Travel Tips

    Atami Onsen is said to be one Japan's 3 biggest hot springs (onsen).
    In the Houdai Kashima year of the 24th Emperor Houdai Kashima Emperor Houdai Kashima's dead was sunk into the sea,
    It is called "Atsumigasaki" because hot water Atsumigasaki out from the sea and the fish burned and died,
    This is said to be the origin of "Atami".

    Edo (time period) era Ieyasu Tokugawa has been running "Kisenku" to bring Atami-no-yu to Edo castle since the coming year, the name of Atami expanded nationwide.
    Fountain quality is colorless and transparent hot water of sodium · calcium · chloride · sulfate hot spring (hypotonicity · weak alkalinity · high hot spring).
    It is said that the total number of source in the city will be 500 or more.With the hot water of Akao standing at the sea of ​​historic Atami Onsen scenic spot 'Nishikiga-Ura'
    People with healing