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  2. Attraction of the Prezio

Attraction of the Prezio

  • Comfortable for business All rooms free of charge Wifi

    We started Wi-Fi connection service (free) in all rooms.Like your home, please enjoy your hotel room comfortably.

    In all rooms(Wired LAN, WiFi connection), Front desk Lobby in front(WiFi connection),
    1F Cafe & Bar Pronto (WiFi connection) net connection service is available.

    ※As usual you can use wired internet connection.
     Area where radio waves do not reach, depending on location, or the use of weak radio waves
     It may be difficult.

    ※Security settings for use,
     Please do so at your own risk.
    First floor Front desk Lobby, first floor Cafe & Bar PRONTO has a security password set.Please feel free to ask the front desk.

  • Comfortable bed made by Serta Company

    To provide you with a pleasant sleep Hotel 2013 share of the bed We adopted the Serta Company brand's pocket coil mattress boasting the No. 1 nationwide track record.Individual springs individually take weights of the body at points and support the body gently in detail.Even in the case of sleeping, vibrations such as turning are less likely to be transmitted, there are advantages such as contact sounds between springs less leading to sleep.
  • Safe and safe isolation hotel

    "Shizutetsu Hotel Prezio Shizuoka-Ekikita" introduces a seismic isolation device with a high isolation effect that combines "isolator" and "damper".The isolator suppresses violent shaking while supporting the weight of the building, reduces the strength of the shaking occurring in the building, and the damper absorbs the vibration energy of the earthquake and suppresses the swing width of the building.It is a safe structure that does not convey earthquake energy directly to buildings.In the event of an emergency earthquake, the building was relaxed, controlled to shake horizontally with a cycle, comprehensively protecting people and buildings.
  • Loose check out until 11:00

    It is possible to relax out for businessmen who want to make a schedule for relaxing out and relaxed for the morning and for those who want to be sleepy due to leisure tired.
  • A unit bath that allows you to take a bath by stretching your legs

    In order to make yourself relaxing even with the bigger body, the unit bath adopts a larger size (1400 × 1800) that can be relaxed in the bathtub and has a hot water washing toilet seat.Shampoo, conditioner, body soap are equipped with bottles.(We are considering not to put out garbage as much as possible for the global environment.We also offer ladies amenities.