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Welcome to Hotel Heidi

Hotel Heidi has a limited number of rooms and welcomes each and every customer carefully.

A red triangle roof surrounded by white birch, bamboo trees and wide lawn garden.

When opening the door, the atmosphere of Tyrol is simple and cute with warm feeling but also to a warm room.

If you look through the window, the garden of the South Alps and Heidi.You can enjoy the time to snuggle and relax naturally.





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Herbal Steam Sauna Experience

  • Herbal steam and beautiful food, detox & energy charge!

    Dinner and breakfast special menu! The chef is concerned about beauty and health,

    We can recommend you an exquisitely arranged "beautiful food", a hotel plan is recommended.

    It is a French course which can not be tasted elsewhere.

    ◆Accommodation plan ¥ 18,500

    ◆Sauna Experience Only ¥ 3,500
What is Herbal Steam Sauna?

Recommended Plan

  • Heidi's royal road French(Repeater Numerous popular No. 1)

    It is a course of Hotel Heidi tradition which is inherited from its foundation in 1975.Starting with the popular homemade smoked salmon, which smokes slowly in the smoked cabin in the backyard,
    Consomme soup drawn over 4 days, saute of beef fillet tasted with heavy red wine sauce etc.
    You can enjoy old good classic French, built with careless attention.
  • Shef Uehara's Omakase French course

    Always changing menus are fun for the day!
    Based on well-built sources, you can taste the seasonal ingredients and local ingredients,
    It is a gorgeous and light French course.Please choose fish or meat as the main.
    Because it suppresses butter and cream as much as possible, it is also recommended for those who are not used to eating seniors or French.
    It is a course you want to order repeatedly as well as once to customize it according to customers.

    ※There is a full course that can enjoy both fish and meat.

event information

  • Open Memorial Fair·Limited Offer Plan

    Hotel Heidi opened in 1975, and for many generations these days
    The number of visitors who visit has increased.
    Every year in July, we commemorate the 42nd anniversary of business opening, we have limited plan.

    Dinner is a special dinner to prepare for this day.

    Date 7th July 2018(soil)
        From 17:30, light hors d'oeuvres and drinks service in the garden
        From 18: 00, Live music & dinner
         Check out of the next day is relaxing at 12:00


  • Heidi will come true, wedding

    Coming soon

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  • Hotel Heidi is located near Tateshina Ko (lake)

    ■When coming by car
    Chuo Expressway Suwa IC 152 from Chuo Expressway Suwa IC to Chuo Expressway Suwa IC, 30 minutes via Venus Line.20 minutes from JR Chino Station.

    ■When using a train
    Get off at JR Chuo Higashi Line Chino Station, Route bus 35 minutes, Taxi 25 minutes.

    ※Please be aware that it may not be displayed correctly in Navi by address search.

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