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Job Information

Why do not you join us in Tateshina?

Surrounded by beautiful nature, Tateshina history as a summer resort, quiet and luxurious times are flowing.

Hotel Heidi carefully hospitality limited guests at a small hotel.
Repeaters are gentle and lovely customers, and it is an environment that makes you smile naturally with all the friendly staff.

For most of the staff from outside the prefecture, you can exchange various information!
  • part time job(Restaurant · Front desk)Wanted

    【 Main contents of work 】 ※Inexperience OK·Experienced people welcome

    ◎ Front desk staff
    Check-in / check-out service, guidance to guest room, reservation acceptance work by phone or net,
    Sales operations at shop with front desk etc.◎ Hall service staff
    Hospitality service at restaurant · cafe, guide to the seats, order taking, cooking and drinks
    Provided service, preparation and cleaning of restaurants etc.※We are also looking for permanent employees, so please feel free to contact us.

    Hourly wage

    1,000 to 1,500 yen, ※Depending on ability UP!


    7: 30-22: 00
    8 hours working·Shift system·Overtime work

    ※Over 8 hours, there is overtime allowance.


    ◇Private room dormitory equipped · Free (utility fee is also free)
    ◇Freshly cooked with food in the kitchen · Free
    ◇Wireless LAN Fully equipped(Wifi)
    ◇Round-trip transportation expenses
    ◇Car bicycle bringing in OK
    ◇Holidays are more than 7 days a month (long term)

    Application·Contact point

    Responsible(Deputy Manager), Lower daesu

    ☎ 0266 - 67 - 2001( 8:00 to 22:00)