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Aesthetic Salon / Spa

Superb detox during the hotel stay

For everyone who visits Heidi to heal daily fatigue, we introduced a new service!

What is Herbal Steam Sauna ...

No additive passion Kampo medicine & herbal blended steam is used to absorb medicinal ingredients from skin and mucous membranes,
It is a "beauty and health method" that warms the body from the inside.Enhance metabolism, you can expect waste products, toxins, fat discharge.

It is a private room and you will experience it.
  • Herbal steam and beautiful food, detox & energy charge!

    Dinner and breakfast special menu! The chef is concerned about beauty and health,

    We can recommend you an exquisitely arranged "beautiful food", a hotel plan is recommended.

    It is a French course which can not be tasted elsewhere.

    ◆Accommodation plan ¥ 18,500

    ◆Sauna Experience Only ¥ 3,500

Please be careful


Herbal steam sauna is for those who are early pregnancy, 8 months after pregnancy, those with pacemakers,
Those who have a chronic illness with high fever and allergy and do not have an increase in body temperature, those who are not feeling well can not use it.

Implementation period

Herbal steam sauna can not be used during the busy season such as during Golden Week or Bon Festival.