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Things to do

Let's relax and have a relaxing and refreshing holiday in the refreshing plateaus!

Take a leisurely hotel, drive around and take a walk around the sightseeing

When you come to Tateshina Kogen / Heidi, let's leave your body when you feel relaxed ♡
Spend your time relaxing in the hotel, try walking in the garden or the lake!
If you want to move actively, there are plenty of places to go for mountain walking and drive!
Please spend a wonderful time according to your mood and season.
  • For example, how to spend···

    • Herbal steam sauna experience image

      Detox & Relax≪Herbal steam sauna≫

      Being beautiful from the body with Heidi ♡

      Detox with open-air bath & Herbal steam sauna surrounded by nature,

      Please charge energy with delicious French which was noticed beauty and health.

      Enjoy special menus as well as dinner as well as breakfast.

      Only sauna experience can be used.
    • In the gallery's picture book library

      Look at the leisurely picture book

      There are many people who usually only have smartphone, TV, PC,

      Why do not you find your favorite picture book when you come to Heidi?

      There may be picture books of old memories too!
    • Tateshina Ko (lake)

      Just a minute there! A walk

      Tateshina Ko (lake) and Saint Temple are about 10 minutes on foot from Heidi,

      It is the best distance to take a walk.

      The lake can also go around in about 20 minutes.

      You can take a walk immediately after feeling various nature for each season.
    • Pond of Shirokoma·Moss forest

      Enjoy sightseeing spots with drive!

      Places where nature can fully enjoy such as Kirigamine and Shirokoma ponds and moss forests,

      We are preparing places such as Suwa Taisha Shrine and Matsumoto Castle where we feel history.

      Driving is also highly recommended.

      It is good to touch the art by visiting art museums!