【Official】Hyper Resort Villa SHIONOE

Lake side resort 'Villa Shionoe' enjoying the air in a fine relaxing space

Functional and sophisticated guest room.
Dinner at the Villa Shionoe river which creates food ingredients every season with the concept of local production of local consumption.
The total hinoki open-air bath that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoying the famous hot spring of Shikoku away from the busyness of everyday.
Staff 's heartfelt hospitality.
Please enjoy the Villa Shionoe shop to my heart 's content.


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Hyper Resort Villa SHIONOE


Kagawa prefecture Takamatsu City Shionoe Town Kamishi B 688-1

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To customers coming from Takamatsu city area
Apporox. 50 minutes by car via national route 193 from JR Takamatsu Station
※Takamatsu Chuo IC - Route 11 - Route 193【Rote 30 narrow road warning! 】

To customers coming from Wakimachi, Tokushima
Apporox. 40 minutes by car via national route 193 from Wakimachi IC
※Wakimachi IC - Route 193, "Carefully watch out for Route 7"!

Please be aware that the route that goes through Route 30 or Route 7 may be displayed by car navigation system

Pick-up presence (condition)
We have shuttle service to JR Takamatsu Station, Takamatsu Airport and JR Tokushima Line Anabuki Station to more than 7 people.Please contact us in advance
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Passion dinner competing between Japanese and Western chief chefs

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    "Chimi-Shinzui" derived the original power of the grace of the earth, river, and sea.
    The charm of the Villa Shionoe shore is that "New Natural School Cook"
    We take plenty of the grace of the season that you can enjoy the most delicious season in the coming season.
    Please enjoy course meal that bring out the original taste of ingredients to the maximum.

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