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About 3 hours by car from Osaka

Please forget the bustle of the city and enjoy the relaxing time.

About 50 minutes by car from Takamatsu Station

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Hotel Name

Hyper Resort Villa SHIONOE


Kagawa prefecture Takamatsu City Shionoe Town Kamishi B 688-1

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Takamatsu visitors coming from the Takamatsu city ​​area
JR Takamatsu Station car from JR Takamatsu Station Route 193 about 50 minutes
※Takamatsu Chuo IC - Route 11 - Route 193【Route 30 Route Route 30 Warning! 】

Tokushima Wakimachi customers coming from Tokushima Wakimachi towards
Wakimachi IC from Wakimachi IC by car 40 minutes by Route 193
※Wakimachi IC - Route 193, "Carefully watch out for Route 7"!

Please be aware that the route that goes through Route Route 30 or Route 30 Route 7 may be displayed by car navigation system

Pick-up presence (condition)
JR Takamatsu Station will pick you up from JR Takamatsu Station, Takamatsu Airport and JR Tokushima Line Anabuki Station to 7 people.Please contact us in advance
  • When using a car


    We can accommodate 60 free parking spaces
    ※We do not have a covered parking lot at our hotel, so please understand in advance.