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Express the transition of the four seasons with a beautiful plate

The local production for local consumption to the concept, Masu Yuki creating a Shokuirodori every season.
Cherish the original "flavor" of food ingredients,
Enjoy dinner at Villa Shionoe.

Treasury of ingredients

Wait for seasonal ingredients to come around, feel the original taste of food, feel the value of nature.
Because we want to appreciate the ingredients that producers brought up with care and raised, we will deliver freshly baked ingredients as they are.
It is the most delicious and nourishes body and mind.

Sanuki Beef

French in Villa Shionoe is "modern French" with free thought and contemporary concept

French in Villa Shionoe is "modern French" with free thought and contemporary concept.
The Japanese-Western Kaiseki course incorporating Japanese taste is also healthy and I recommend it for seniors and women.
Chef wield the arm cuisine, carefully selected materials of the local season, exquisite gem of making the best of the original taste of food.
We are looking forward to choosing sake according to the cuisine, such as wine or Shikoku sake.
  • Kimura, Soichiro

    The thing I keep in mind every day is how the customer's purpose of visiting the Villa Shionoe is "cooking" and how you can satisfy the dishes you can only taste here.
    We will aim to be a hotel worth visiting only by feeling the delicacy and fine quality of French cuisine making use of fresh Shikoku ingredients.