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Main dining for season

Please enjoy the seasonal ingredients and colorful dishes at the dining table arranged to surround the fireplace.
  • Four seasons

    The relaxing space of Japanese taste can enjoy an important day with a kaiseki course of colorful passion that made use of season.
    • Sanuki Beef
      The history of Sanuki Beef is old, it is said that it was the first time that Meiji Time Period (1868-1912) 15 began the fattening of Japanese Black Hair Cattle Toko no Za on Shodoshima Island before the whole country.
      It began to be called by the nickname "Sanuki Beef" at Keihanshin in the beginning of Taisho period.
      After that, fattening of "Sanuki Beef" spread all over the prefecture.
      Thus, although Kagawa Prefecture is endowed with a temperate climate, it is excellent in traditional fattening technology, which is the cornerstone of the production of "Sanuki Beef" that has reached the present time.
      Against the background as described above, in 1983 established the dissemination promotion council and began spreading seriously as "Sanuki Beef".
    • Information on dinner dinner

      Business hours
      ※For those staying on the day before Saturdays and public holidays, some dishes may change to salad bar.
      ※Restaurant the day before Saturdays and Public Holidays will be exchanged for the first half and the second half.
      ·Please choose either from the first half 17:00 to 19:00 or the second half 19: 30 to 21: 30.
      (Time change is possible depending on the number of guests on the day. It may not be available for your desired time)
      Dinner is only for guests who make reservations.