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Good review for dinner 4.9, breakfast 4.9 in Jalan's review! Cooking Onjuku

Country cuisine of passion

Country cuisine of passion! , delicious!
Use delicious spring water that draws from the mountain for all dishes / drinks.Mugwort made in the basement, miso soup of rice koji is also constantly refundable.
It also supports beauty health firmly.Detox effect available.
  • Dinner with satisfaction for both sake and rice cooks

  • My body is joyful! Food fiber full breakfast

Passion material·Meal(One case)

  • Three-year homemade rice koji miso!

  • Miso with wheat malted in 2 years!

  • Raw water stabbing

    One dish of delicious dish, raw hot water sting, taste and rich are the best.
    Nikko Yuba is finished in two sheets with "Yuba", in Kyoto it is written as "Yuba", and it is finished in one piece.
  • Spring water

    We serve cooking and drinks using spring water flowing out of the mountain.

! We are accepting banquets!

We accept farewell reception party, circle drinking party, summer vacation camp and so on.Please feel free to contact us.