【Official】In Bloom Beppu (In Bloom Beppu)

Welcome to the old private house guesthouse "In Bloom Beppu" stuck to the healing space.

Do you know the old tradition that has been handed down generously?

Throughout Japan's hot spring town "Beppu", enjoy the history and culture of Japan

I want to come here again.

I want to tell someone what I experienced here.

It is the reason why "In Bloom Beppu" should be present to provide time to think so.

In Bloom Beppu

  • Historic Hirose family

    In Bloom Beppu's building is an old private house of the historical Hirose family.

    The Hirose family stayed in the eyes of the US military because it was a modern Japanese-style building made by leading railroads and was used as a lodging house for executive officers of the US military after the war.

    After the cancellation by the US military, it was owned by the individual and is currently reused as In Bloom Beppu.
  • Villa architecture where artisans competed for skill

    The entrance of the Yamazaki-ke is a Onigawara with a crest on the rain ceiling.

    In front of his wife's wall, The wall painting for Fire prevention, said to be the work of The Leader of Hiji Town, Choichi Aoyagi, is flanked with relief, and around the outside, Handrail with Giboshi (Decoration made of Stone) Corbel with Molding Handrail with Giboshi (Decoration made of Stone) and the Corbel with Molding And The Fire-sharped Window Bay window / Bay window.


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Hotel Name

In, Bloom, Beppu


Oita prefecture Beppu city ​​1-19 Nishinooguchi

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"In Bloom Beppu" is an inn that renovated old folk house and played.

It is a 5-minute walk from the JR Beppu Station West Exit Aoyama Street along the mountain.
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Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Information on common space

    Opening Hour:

    07: 30-10: 00
    From 16:00 to 23:00
    It turns off after 23:00.

    About use:

    ·Please use the mini kitchen freely.

    ·Coffee · tea · green tea is a free service

    ·Please wash and wash the dishes and cups you used and store them in their original place.

    ·Please also try SENPO map.
  • laundry

    We have a launderette in the north warehouse.Please use it freely.(Toll)
    Regarding the handling of clothing, we appreciate your responsibility.The hotel can not be held responsible for forgetting to take.Also, in order to avoid troubles between customers, please collect clothing immediately after use.

    In case·Washing: 200 yen, ·Drying: 200 yen
  • shower room

    The use is limited to 30 minutes per person.

    Please flow in the inside with a shower after use.
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