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About each room

  • Private Room(Shichifukujin no ma)

    ·Price: 42,000 yen

    ·Maximum 4 people

    ·Japanese Style 14 square meters+10 Square Meter Room
  • Private Room(Shochikubai no ma)

    ·Fee: 30,000 yen

    ·Maximum 2 people

    ·Japanese Style 14 square meters+5 square meters

    Room feeling the taste of the craftsmanship of the time on the window grille

    There is a paulownia chest of drawers between 5 square meters and it is a room where you can feel the living at that time
  • 1 building

    ·Price: 72,000 yen / building

    ·2 to 10 people

    It is 36,000 yen in campaign until August!

    Private reservation for this historic building where people have inherited

    Why do not you put yourself in this space and feel the good old days?
  • About other rooms

    Bedding setting:
    We are asking for self-setting by ourselves.Please do a set of sheets etc. according to the separate sheet procedure.

    About food and drink:
    Eating and drinking in the room will be prohibited.I hope in the shared space.

    Cleaning of the room:
    Cleaning staff will clean the inside of the facility between 10:00 and 12:00 every day.Please note that all the doors of the room will remain open this time.About valuables:
    There is time when there is no staff in the building, so we have lockers with locks.
    , Please use.
  • Check in Check out

    Check-in time of this guesthouse is from 16 o'clock to 20 o'clock,

    The checkout time is until 10:00 the next day.
  • Other, Cautions

    ·The staff will also stay at night.

    ·Although there is no curfew after check-in, those who go out and entering at midnight should not be troubled by other guests or neighboring people.

    ·Because it is an old-fashioned old private house, the sound is echoing easier.Especially late at night and early morning, we ask for your consideration.

    ·Smoking is prohibited inside the facility.Please use the designated place for the place of smoking.

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 2:2 Japanese rooms

Standard room facilities

All rooms air conditioning / empty refrigerator

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free


Hand towel(Toll) / Toothbrush·tooth paste(Toll) / bath towel(Toll) / Shampoo / Rinse / Body soap / Dryer / Shower toilet / Swab

Facility content

Non smoking room / drying room(Toll)

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Bicycle for rent(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

JCB / VISA / Master / AMEX / DC / Diners
※It may differ from the credit card available for online card payment.

Check in time

16 o'clock to 20

Check out time

10 o'clock the next day


coffee maker
rice cooker
※All available for free

Loan item/Standing article

·Sewing kit
·Extension cord
·Power converter(1000 yen deposit)
·Nail clippers
·Sommelier Knife
·Wireless LAN can be used within the facility.
· Bicycle rental

Free service

·Black tea
·Mini kitchen(Self cooking possibility)
·rice cooker

<Shower room>
· Body soap

Paid service

·Toothbrush set, 100 yen
·A shave, 100 yen
·Rental bath towel, 100 yen
·Face towel, 100 yen
·Mineral water, 100 yen
·beer, 300 yen
·non-alcoholic beer, 200 yen
·Chu Hai freezing, 200 yen
·Bicycle rental(Two), 500 yen / 1 car
· Laundromat, Laundry 200 yen, Dryer 200 yen