Charges for outdoor baths are free.Please spend a memorable moment with hearty hospitality and hearty dishes.
All 15 small rooms continued from the Taisho Era


A total of 15 small accommodations standing in Kona hot spring continued from the Kamakura period.You can rent outdoor hot-spring baths free of charge for the fresh green mountain breath.Tsuzuki who can enjoy famous hot springs, idyllic invitation "Ebisuya"

"Izunagaoka Hot Springs Kona no Yu" which can be counted as Izu Best Three Oldest Hot Springs Izunagaoka Hot Springs Kona no Yu
The hotel can enjoy hot springs famous for their famous hot springs in 4 different types of baths.
After enjoying the hot springs, it's a delicious meal for the monthly cuisine specialties using good ingredients for the season's body.


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Shizuoka Prefecture, 1186 Kona, Izunokuni City

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Approximately 2 km from nearest Izu-Nagaoka Station, pick up from 15 o'clock to 19 o'clock.Tomei Numazu / Shin-Tomei Nagaizumi Numazu IC takes about 25 minutes via Izu Jukan Expressway.

I will pick you up.
Izu-Nagaoka Station · Izu no Kuni Panorama Park (high-speed bus bus stop) will be picked up from time to time (15:00 to 19:00 for pick-up and 7:00 to 10:00 for delivery).I can pick you up in 10 minutes after receiving your call.When you see by train, you can head to the station in accordance with arrival if you can call us at the time of transferring to Izu-Hakone Railway.
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Hot Springs

  • Nagomi-no-yu

    Look at the stars and the moon at night ... Unusual unusual hot spring time

    A garden with hot spring with lots of opening feeling "Nagomi-no-yu".
    In a fresh wind ... Time to forget time.Outdoor bath "Nagomi-no-yu" can be used as a private outdoor bath from 7 pm to 5 pm tomorrow morning.

One-day hot springs

  • Room usage course, 5 hours·Without meal·1 person, 3,000 yen

    ●You can book from 2 people.
    ●Opening Hour, 11:00 to 16:00
    ●yukata·towel·With bath towel

    ※You can rent outdoor bath for free
    (For private use by charter, change from 11: 00 to 14: 00 / once for 40 minutes)
    ※The room type is left to the hotel.
    ※We apologize for the provision of bedding, please note in advance.

    Please do not hesitate to call for reservation

Bali beauty salon

  • Balinese Traditional Healing

    Balinese Traditional Healing

    Traditional Bali oil treatment.
    Heal the daily fatigue with the fingers, palms, fists and arms.
    During the treatment you can choose one of three types of natural aroma blended oil based on Ayurveda.

    A 60 minutes ... ¥ 8,800
    B 90 minutes ... 12,000 yen
    C 120 minutes ... 14,800 yen
    D trial back treatment(backorleg)
     Half an hour… ¥ 5,800

Sightseeing Spots

  • Sea paradise that you can touch with the sea animals!

    Aquarium in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Izu Izu-Mito Sea Paradise is a popular spot for Izu sightseeing and leisure at the aquarium where there are 300 dolphins, 300 dogs, dolphin show, walrus · sea show, penguin, todo etc.

    At the onshore showpool "Marine Beast Square", California Sea Lion, Todo and Kama Dolka are enjoying a fun show that makes use of their respective characteristics everyday!

Family safe, baby friendly place

  • Children's free lending goods are enriched, too. Please also relax with small children.

    Ebisuya's service manager has three children and knows more about Mama's feelings than anyone else.
    To heal usual fatigue, to relax and enjoy traveling from the bottom of my heart,
    I will hospitality as soon as you return to the country, relaxed without hesitation.
    It is not in a big inn, it is close to the distance of a small lodging place, and boasts a warm reception.
    Ebisuya, we offer free lending goods for children.
    We are delighted by the many families.
    Please have a memorable trip with your child and a pleasant journey.

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