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"Beautifully cheerful" Body friendly to the body Monthly Kaiseki cuisine

Seafood from Suruga Bay...
Mt Amagi mountainous area from Mt Amagi...
A village in Kona blessed with the taste of the mountains.
From season to season, cherish the seasonal ingredients for many years,
He trained at the name inn
"Chief Chef, Seiichi Yoshikawa" spare no effort
A genuine cuisine of the hotel preparing on a monthly basis!
Every month we add several healthy ingredients.
Feel the season and enjoy it relaxedly.

We will respond to allergies.Please consult in advance.
  • Decorate the meal replacement kaiseki cuisine, awesome grandchildren, coloring of the four seasons of Izu with the instrument

    Menu example

    Leading edge
    Marusa tomato shoots
    Silver Row

    Summer Tamane Box

    Gift from Suruga Bay

    Sansu chilled noodles

    Grilled wood

    Hot spring steaming
    Seasonal vegetables steamed hot spring

    Simmered dishes
    Cold bow gourd sun ramen

    Medium dish

    Fried food
    Deep-fried sweetfish

    Vinegared dish
    Ceramic sauce

    Boniton sashimi tailoring


    Pickled Vegetables


    From the menu of the summer
  • Monthly Hospitality Health Cook (an example)

    The hotel's chief chef, Seiichi Yoshikawa spared time and effort, not carefully using the products as much as possible, carefully cherishing the ingredients It is a delicious and elegant culinary delicacy of the masterpiece that prepares the "dish that sees material" I will decorate the seats of the party and the memories of the trip vividly.
  • Lunch at meal with room meals.

    Up to 3 people are available on request.
    Because we will prepare a private room meal venue even for groups from 4 people,
    While relaxing with other customers without hesitation,
    You can have your meal.

    【Dinner time】From 6:00 pm, the final start at 7:30 pm
    【Breakfast time】From 7:30 am, the last start at 8:30 am

    Please tell us your desired hours after arrival.
  • Breakfast

    Please enjoy a nutritionally balanced diet.

    Dried fish with oil is freshly baked.
    Chopsticks do not think fragrant smell from morning ... (Breakfast example)
  • Drink·Other facilities fee(tax excluded)

    Ebisu Beer 700 yen
    Japanese sake ¥ 500
    Juice 300 yen
    whisky(Shirokaku)¥ 3,500
    whisky(Reserve)4,500 yen
    brandy(OP)4,500 yen
    Shochu from 2,500 yen
    Oolong Tea(1.5 liters)800 yen
    Sake(cold)From 1,300 yen

    Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat)(4 to 5 people)From 15,000 yen
    Ise Shrimp Sashimi dish(About 1 serving 2 servings)From 8,000 yen
    Grilled abalone dance(Or sashimi)¥ 3,500
    karaoke(in:Banquet Hall)5,000 yen
    Karaoke room(1 hour per person)¥ 1,000
    Mahjong 4,000 yen
    Massage 4,000 yen(※tax included)
    Geisha(120 minutes)20,000 Yen
    companion(120 minutes)14,000 yen

    ●To prevent food poisoning, we will refuse to bring food into the facility.
    Also, if you bring alcoholic beverages, we will charge you for bringing in (1,000 yen / 1 person)

    ●As for the beginning of dinner, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, as well as breakfast starting at the beginning, from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, after your arrival your desired time Please tell us.