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Things to do

A great place for sea bathing season

The Oura coast where you can go on foot with a bathing suite is full of crabs and fish! playing at the beach seems I forget the time when I play and snorkel.

In addition, the Nabetahama coast is a quiet white sand beach with waves that became cove.Ideal for small children's sea debut.I am crowded with families and couples who want to have a relaxing time.
  • Shimoda Aquarium

    • Walking to Shimoda Aquarium · · · ·!

      From the hotel, walk to the aquarium under the sea with a scenic walking path!
      shore reef is the best sweet point for a walk!

      3-22-31, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture

      Access from the hotel · 10 minutes on foot 
      While watching the beautiful landscape of the local walking area and the sea · Recommended

      【Access】Izukyu Shimoda Station 7 minutes by bus to Shimoda Aquarium, 1 minute to get off