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Joetsu City Hotel
Parking is free and it is convenient for use by car.

【Official】Joetsu City Hotel

A blessed environment promises a fulfilling day.

Joetsu City called "Midori To Hikari no Furusato".

Joetsu City Hotel is backed by the environment as its name suggests
It is hotel to be built.Government agencies, culture surroundings
In addition to the facilities, the cherry blossoms at the famous Takada Castle Ruins Park,
Kasugayama Kenshin Uesugi, Major Lerch's ski cradle,
Mt Kanaya etc. There are no enormous figures.

And you can also enjoy a trip to Sado sightseeing from Naoetsu Port, the magnificence of Myoko Plateau.


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Joetsu City Hotel


1-6-26 Shinkocho, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture

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Get off at Echigo Tokimeki Railway Kasugayama Station, walk towards the city hall about 5 minutes (about 400m) 2nd intersection, turn left, along Joetsu Odori Avenue

There is no pick-up service, please understand
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Joetsu City called "Midori To Hikari no Furusato".

  • Joetsu City Hotel suitable for multi purpose purposes.

    ◆About 10 minutes by car from Takada, station
    ◆About 7 minutes by car from Naoetsu station
    ◆About 3 minutes on foot from Kasugayama Station
    ◆About 2 minutes on foot from Joetsu City Hall
    ◆About 2 minutes on foot from Joetsu Bunka Kaikan
    ◆Approximately 2 minutes by car from Joetsu Arcadia City
    ◆Than Joetsu General Hospital, about 2 minutes by car
    ◆Approximately 4 minutes by car from Joetsu City Citizen Plaza
  • I bought a bicycle for rent.

    Lending fee, free.

    JUSCO direction, Shichifuku no yu, until about 7 minutes
    Approximately 20 minutes to Kasuga Castle Ruins
  • The 93rd, Okura, April 6, Heisei (time period) 30(Money)~ 22 days(Day)

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