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Petite Pension Jonathan


Fujimi Town, Suwa County, Nagano Prefecture boundary 12038-6

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From Shinjuku to by Limited Express Azusa Kobuchizawa Station, about 7 minutes by car from Kobuchizawa Station (with free shuttle).It is approximately two hours by car from Tokyo.

Transfer available
JR Kobuchizawa Station will pick you up to JR Kobuchizawa Station and Fujimi Station and also to the Expressway Bus Kobuchisawa for free.
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  • Information of Jonathan

    Jonathan is located in the Fujimi Plateau with an altitude of 1,300 m in the vast forest at the southern foot of Mt Yatsugatake.JR Chuo Line Kobuchizawa Station or Chuo Expressway Kobuchizawa I. C arrive at a quiet plateau over 6 kilometers via the Yatsugatake Park road.Everyone is surprised at the taste of air and water.Since the surroundings are surrounded by deep forest (imaginary forest), you can enjoy shooting star easily.
  • Facility information

    In 2000, I bought seedlings of the ferns in the real temple temple of Yamanashi prefecture former Takekawa town with a visit to the Jindai Sakura.This year will be in full bloom around mid May.
    Red and white Shidare plum and peach named Jonathan"Godai Shidare grandchild cherry blossom."
    In the summer it seems to be active in sun shading of BBQ garden.
    Guests staying in May preferentially prepare rooms that can appreciate "Godai Shidare grandchild cherry blossoms".
    The mountain cherry trees of Jonathan are also in full bloom in front of Santa Cottage.It seems that the cherry blossoms and flowering of Wakkanai in Hokkaido are together.Please also enjoy the slowest cherry blossoms in Japan.
  • Meal

    It is an open terrace dinner scenery.
    Today is the full moon in the Mid Autumn.
    A full moon is appearing over Shirakaba.
    There is no wind and it is very refreshing.
    Aya of Shiba Inu is fidgeting on the upper stage of the terrace.
    Aya has stayed for 3 nights in the summer.
    It was almost same seat as today.

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