【Official】Kakuiso Ako(Kakuiso)

Facility information

  • "1 F", "Eating activity, large and small 12 aquarium", aquarium restaurant 100 seats

     You can savor the fish swimming in the aquarium.
     (Price and cooking method, please ask each time)

     You can enjoy fresh fish from Setouchi fully by tapping in seawater.
  • You can eat while watching aquarium

    There are 8 rooms with a small rise.The table has two seats.There are 4 rooms with small and small shops partitioned by sliding doors.
    The counter has 12 seats.

  • "4F", "Natural hot spring bath"

    ≪Ako Onsen Yomigaeri no yu≫

    Adults per person, 550 yen+Onsen tax
    150 yen(Amenity Charges)
    Children(1 year old) 1 person, 400 yen

    You can see the Setonaikai from the panoramic view bath.

    【Hot Spring Qualities】
    Weak radioactivity -Ca · Na
    Chloride strong salt low spa

    【Bath indication】
    Neuralgia · Muscle pain · Arthralgia · Frozen shoulder · Motor paralysis · Indirect stiffness · Foundation · Jijiki · Chronic digestive organ disease · Fatigue

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Hotel Name

Ako Hot Springs, Kakuisou(Kakuiso), Ako branch


35-5 Satsuki-cho, Hyogo Prefecture Ako City

Telephone number



Sanyo Highway Ako I. It is approximately 5km from C to Kaihin Koen, 8 minutes by car from JR Banshuako Station

Pick-up presence (condition)
The transfer is a reservation system.
Please inform us of the arrival time of Ako station when calling for confirmation of reservation.
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Information on Surrounding Area

  • Information on Surrounding Area

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