【Official】Kakuiso Hinaseten

Healing of the trip is Megumi in Seto Inland Sea · · ·

Welcome, Kakuiso (Kakuiso), to Hinase store.

It is a cooking rice where you can enjoy fish swimming in the aquarium.

We will carefully select the seasonal ingredients and we will offer it to everyone.

Facility information

  • ① Information on each floor

    Guest Insurance Membership Ryokan
    Member of Japan Tourism Ryokan Federation

    【5F】Big party(Approximately 150 people)
    【4F】Western-style room 5
    (Bath / bidet with toilet)
    【3F】Japanese Style 4
    (Bath / bidet with toilet)
    During ~·Small ballroom(60 seats), Family bath
    front desk

    Big Fish Preserve(50 seats)
    Weekdays from 11: 00 to 14: 30, 16: 30-21: 00
    Holiday from 11:00 to 15:00, From 16:00 to 21:00
    (20: 30 Orderstop)
  • ② Shop·Souvenir corner

    "Souvenir" is one of the ways to convey the joy of travel as it is to families, teachers and friends.◇Oyster Produced In Hinase
    We have many other items.Please use it.

    《Tips for picking souvenirs》
    ◇Local unusual items
    ◇Popular staple items (safe because many people think that they are good for many years)
    ◇Items that you were impressed (eg direct sending because oysters were very delicious)

  • ③【Direct delivery】Oyster Produced In Hinase

    In Kakuiso, winter limited Oyster Zammai (annually menu will change)" and Freshly Caught Seafood Broiled at Beach, Zankoku Mushi (※ left photo)", Smoked Oyster, including such as Oyster Inari Maki, "oyster Dumpling "and"Oyster Manju (Sweets)"are also very popular.Please try.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Cooking ryokan, Kakuiso(Daito), Hinase store


Hinase Town, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture Hinase 639-34

Telephone number



Get off at JR Hinase Station, 7 minutes on foot

Pick-up presence (condition)
It is possible to pick up from 10 people.Please contact us (reservation required).
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\, Video, Introduction of Kakuiso Hinase store/

  • ⇒Video here

    Kakuiso Hinase is a video to introduce Kakuiso Hinase store
  • Wireless LAN Fully equipped, 3F · 4F

    You can use the Internet with a wireless LAN compatible computer etc.

    (Please ask the front desk for details)


  • Introduction of the recommended city around Okayama Hinase

    ◆Gomi no Ichi(adjacent·Umino Station Shioji)

    Business hours: 9 am to 5 pm(Closed after selling out)
    ※There are cases in which it is closed on a day when fishing can not be taken due to bad weather etc.
    Regular holiday:
    Tuesday (in the case of holiday the next day) / 1st Sunday in April

    Bizen City Hinase Town Hinase 801-4
    Hinase Town Fishery Cooperative Association 0869-72-1181

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.