I would like to be another hometown for the customer

Customers who inherited the thought of the previous generation and had patronage until now,
We will welcome you to our first guests with honesty and honorable hospitality
I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart
Japanese style modern, 8 rooms in total, Unexplored land, Takachiho, Remnant hidden inn


About access

The hotel is a hiding place like a name.
Because it is in a difficult place to understand, when using the <use of Google Map
Or, please enjoy <Takachiho public health center Center "0982-72-2168" which is the nearest public institution.
Please set in the car navigation system.
We are waiting for everyone's safe arrival.

Hotel Facilities

  • Administration Building

    Please come to this administrative building at check-in.
    The roof of this administrative building is a traditional "Chigi" which is also found in shrine buildings.
  • Front desk / lobby

    The lobby with the hearth is located in the management building.
    We welcomed the guests warmly and created a space that makes me feel relieved.
  • Restaurant "Eating"

    The restaurant designed in modern Japanese,
    The seating is also wide and you can enjoy a relaxing meal.
    Please spend a wonderful time while looking out over the mountains.
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traffic guide

Google Map

Hotel Name

Takachiho, Hanare no Yado, Kamigakure


Miyazaki prefecture Nishiusuki-gun Takachiho Town Mitarai 1120-5

Telephone number



Search Takachiho public health center (0982-72-2168) by navigation.Pass right in front of the public health center (right side), and turn right at about 100 M ahead.

Pick-up presence (condition)
Between the hotel and Takachiho Bus center.Please call us after arriving at the bus center.We will pick you up in about 5 minutes · We will keep luggage storage.
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Takachiho tourism

  • Takachiho Shrine

    It was founded around 1900 years ago by Suinin Emperor.
    A general Takachiho Town 88 Shrines of Takachiho Town 88 Shrines, the main shrine temple and the pair of iron-made lion dogs of the collection are designated as important cultural assets of the country.

    Chiho-cho Ohtsuko Mitarai 1037

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    Time required
    8 minutes on foot

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