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  2. Six Attractions

Six Attractions

  • one, Honest hospitality

    Hospitality history 80 years.
    The inn is newly reborn, but the heart of hospitality that we inherited from the Well Established Ryokan Kaminoya has been unchanged and we are greeted with even more warm heart.
  • two, Apart from the room

    Japanese style room, Japanese + Western room, Western style room, We will provide guest room according to customer's preference.
    Relax and relax in the passionate guest room with the motif of Takachiho's four seasons.
  • three, Yamato dish of passion

    Yamato cuisine of inn with Takachiho Beef as the main.
    We will hospitate with a hearty cuisine, centering on various ingredients for every season taken at local Takachiho.
  • four, Hotel Facilities

    The furnace in the lobby, the restaurant with fireplace, the roof of the administrative building are old fashioned "Chigi" making.
    We would like our customers to be more relaxed in the unusual space.Such feelings are scattered inside the facility.
  • Gojinzui-no-yu bath is the sacred Gojinzui-no-yu sacred Gojinzui-no-yu

    Hot water is not a hot spring, but we use Holy water pumped up from the Tamadare Waterfall of Takachiho Gorge
    You can enjoy a different bath in each guest room.
  • Six. Convenience for Takachiho sightseeing

    Takachiho no Yokagura 3 min walk to Takachiho Shrine where you can appreciate Yokagura
    Located 5 minutes by car to Takachiho Gorge, this inn is very convenient for sightseeing in Takachiho.