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Guest room with passion is separated form of all eight rooms of four buildings with motif of Hanazakari moon as motif.

●Please enjoy a nice sleep with Simmons.●
Western-style beds use Simmons.Please enjoy the ultimate sleeping.

●Holy water no yu●
The bath is not a hot spring, but it is sacred hot water pumped up from the Tamadare Waterfall Takachiho Gorges.

●Two kinds of Yukata for women●
For women you can choose from two kinds of Yukata.

Each Japanese-style modern space with different taste has its own private bath.

In Japan, since ancient times, we adopted various unique Japanese colors in our daily lives, finding out a delicate and subtle color world, and loving the rich Japanese culture and the atmosphere.
Each room of the Hanare no Yado"Kamigakure" has a story named after Japanese ancient color.
  • Akakuchiba

    Reddish leaf color with reddish brown.
    It is an elegance that expresses the color of decayed leaves that turned red in the late autumn.
    The clothing of "Akakuchiba" is "The Genji Monogatari" and "The Akakuchiba-no-Usuginu-no-Kazami".

    【Room type】 Japanese-Western style room
    4 people
    31.2 m²(34 square meters)
  • Shion

    Pale purple with a little bluish like the color of a flower in a Shion.
    It was dyed with purple root and mordanted with camellia lye, and in Heian Literature"weave of Shion"
    "Aya who is white, it makes me wonderful, such as samurai rope, festive delightful Onoushi, obstinate, obstinate, in a man who is in disarray" "The Genji Monogatari" "Suma"Murasaki-shikibu.

    【Room type】 Japanese-Western style room
    4 people
    27.6 m²(30 square meters)
  • Hisui

    It is a generic name of hard or opaque, hard balls with mainly gloss of green color and soft balls (good name).
    From its mysterious deep shades, it was prized prized in China ancient times.Jade jade.Another name for a Kawasemi.
    "Even if I can pound the Hisui, if I should let him do something, I will finally be saved" "Heike Monogatari"

    【Room type】 Western-style Room
    3 people(With child bed)
    29.9 m²(32 square meters)
  • Oruri

    Dense purple with a clear blue color.
    "Ruri" is the color of deep blue mineral which was prized as one of the shichihre in Buddhism.
    The back of the Oruri's male is shiny blue."Gold, Shirokane, Rororoi water, flowing out of the mountains" "Taketori Monogatari"

    【Room type】 Japanese-style room(Open Air Bath Included)
    4 people
    23 m²(25 square meters)
  • Tokiwa

    Dark green including tea like the color of leaves of evergreens such as pine and cedar.
    Tokiwa is a word that means that it will not change constantly, it is a color name filled with wishes of longevity and prosperity.
    "Sometimes it is Shinki's Sumiyoshi-no-Matsu from the colorful Shinobi no Midori Shinyo"Fujiwara Nobuzane"Shinsenrokujyo"

    【Room type】 Japanese-Western style room
    4 people
    31.2 m²(34 square meters)
  • Yamaibu

    Yellow with brilliant redness like Yamabuki's flower color.
    It has become the name of the color of eyelashes as a flower Yamabuki, the table has decayed leaves color, the back is Yamabuki color.
    It has been popular since the Heian Period.
    "There is no such thing as a dazzling color, red, purple, something that is woven as long as the Gokouchigi land is woven, Gokouchigi sorry to bully you now." "Genji Monogatari" "Momijinoga"

    【Room type】 Japanese-Western style room(Open Air Bath Included)
    4 people
    31.2 m²(34 square meters)
  • Ougon

    Gold emits, shining yellow.Kinroro.HelloThe English name is gold.
    "In the evening, clouds come down and sleep on the Mine, Hyuga Takachiho" "Song of Wakayama Bokusui"

    【Room type】 Japanese-style room

    4 people
    28.8 m²(31 square meters)
  • Akanegumo

    The dark red color dyed with rosy red roses is madder blue.It is the color of the sky at dusk.The song of Kakinomotono Hitomaro of "Manyo-shu" "The fascinating day is illuminated and the hidden moon of the dusk of the night crowded"

    【Room type】 Western-style Room
    2 people
    30.5 m²(33 square meters)
  • Amenity goods

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 8:Western-style room / 2 Japanese rooms / Japanese + Western room 4 rooms
Western-style breakdown:2 twin rooms(-)

Standard room facilities

TV / telephone / modular jack / internet connection(LAN type) / Internet connection(Wireless LAN format) / Kettle pot / tea set / fridge / hair dryer / trouser presser(Loan) / Humidifier / Individual air-conditioning / Toilet with washing machine / Soap(solid) / Body soap / shampoo / rinse / conditioner / toothbrush set / razor / shower cap / comb / brush / bath set / towel / bath towel / yukata / slipper / kettle pot(Loan) A safe

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / Yukata / hair dryer / shaving / shower toilet / shower cap / cotton swab / comb·brush

Facility content

Hearth / Non Smoking Room / Icemaker

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Room service

Credit cards available locally

JCB / VISA / Master / AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners / SAISON / UFJ / debit card

Standard check-in time

From 15:00(Last check-in: 19: 00)

Standard checkout time

~ 11: 00

Barrier free correspondence

Wheelchair accessible
Accessible toilet / barrier-free room / Wheelchair user available / There is western style toilet in room / Wheelchair available toilet available on site

【About cooking】
Available for seniors cuisine, allergy friendly cuisine