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Things to do

  • Forgetting everyday life, enjoying Takachiho 2 nights overnight trip

    Please enjoy two days away from everyday in Takachiho nature full of tradition and mystery.
    • 15:00, Check In

      Welcome customers with a smile and a little rest at a waiting room with a hearth.
    • 16:00, Relaxing in the bath

      Heals the tiredness of a trip by taking a bath using Holy water

      Healed the tired body on the journey with a bath,
      Please spend your leisure in the room until your meal.
    • 18:00, Dinner

      Takachiho's passion for ingredients

      Takachiho the seasonal taste of Takachiho

      Dinner is a delicious meal for dishes that can only be tasted about Takachiho's ingredients.
      Especially steak of Takachiho Beef is superb.I am satisfied with my stomach and heart.
    • 20:00 Takachiho Yokagura tour

      Feel the tradition

      In the evening, we visited the traditional folk arts designated as important intangible folk cultural property of the country.It is open from 20 o'clock each evening at 365 days at Kagura-dori in Takachiho Shrine.
    • 7: 30, Breakfast

      Breakfast is also full of Takachiho

      Today's day starts with a gentle tasting breakfast that you can enjoy with your eyes.
    • 8:00, Walking Takachiho

      Walk with Takachiho by hand

      Nearby there are famous tourist attractions of Takachiho.
      Please explore the surroundings by hand and make spiritual memories that conclude the trip.
    • 11:00, Check Out

      While catching up on the reverberation of memories

      The staff went off with a smile.
      Moreover, it is recommended to go to a sightseeing spot a little away.