【Official】Kanagi Kanko Hotel

"Time stops, healing begins in Yamazato-no-Yu."

In this facility / facility

  • Lobby

    It is a spacious lobby that seems to be integrated with nature.
    You can also use coffee and draft beer.
    An example of a drink:Coffee,Draft Beer
  • Cafe corner

    Menu example:Coffee etc.
  • In-hotel shop

    We have a wide variety of Shimane products.
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Hotel Name

Kanagi Kanko Hotel


39-1 Oibara, Kanagi Town, Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture

Telephone number



Turn left immediately after exiting the Hamada Expressway “Asahi” IC.Turn right at the first traffic light, about 10 minutes.
Turn right at the next traffic light, about 5 minutes.About 15 minutes in total from Asahi IC

There is a pick-up service(conditions)
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With a loved one

  • 【Business use】

    For the salespersons in charge of Sanin,
    It is definitely more reasonable to use the Kanagi Kanko Hotel than business hotels!
    Please get rid of your tiredness in the hot springs and work energetically.
  • 【For a couple's trip】

    Not to mention wedding anniversary and birthday surprises
    "Recently, I may not be able to relax and talk ..."
    Even if it's not an anniversary, away from the busy days,
    Why don't you spend a relaxing time with your Kanagi Kanko Hotel

For group customers

  • 【With friends】

    Occasionally, do you ever think that you should be free from housework for a day?
    Every day, I'm busy with work and housework, and my mind and body are sick.
    In such a case, let's go to Kanagi Kanko Hotel
    Please relax and soak in the open-air bath to heal your daily fatigue.
    While having a fun chat with your friends
    Why don't you spend a luxurious time relaxing and enjoying your meal?
  • 【Alumni association with old friends】

    Let's make the next alumni association a little richer at Kanagi Kanko Hotel
    We all take an open-air bath together, let the backs flow, and make flowers bloom in old stories.
    Let's get excited with karaoke!
    I'm sure you'll travel back in time and meet everyone when you go on a school trip.
    *Budget,Pick-up, etc.,Please contact me for anything.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.