Cooking Review High Score★Natural hot spring that I put in 24 hours is pleasant

【Official】Kanesada Ryokan

It is a relaxing hot spring that will heal your mind and body.

Our grandfather opened in Ochiai Onsen in 1933, October.Please spend a relaxing time.


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Kanesada Ryokan


66 Tomita, Fukuro, Kuroishi City

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15 minutes from Tohoku Expressway IC Kuroishi.40 minutes by car from Aomori Airport.It is 25 minutes by bus from Kuroishi Station.
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Introduce the highlights of each season!

  • A hot spring ryokan where you can enjoy various scenery each season

    Fresh green will be in full bloom from May.
    For locals, fresh green is more beautiful than autumn leaves, and is a recommended time.
    Why not try refreshing by being surrounded by light green trees?

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