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Overnight Stay Plan

  • 【Tohoku of Sakura】◆Aomori·Spring Festival◆Let's go to the Hirosaki Sakura Festival! ≪1 Night/ 2 Meals Included≫

    *Please enjoy the beautiful blooming flowers ─

    This plan is a reservation reception of up to 2 nights.

    Japanese-style room

    Japanese Style 14 square meters

    Eating meals·Evening check in from 15:00 to 18:00 Check out until 10: 00※No Bath Continue reading
  • ◆Kokeshi painted new hot spring treatment plan◆2 Meals Included◆Boasting fond food and hot spa for 24 hours! 【Koku Onsen medical treatment A】 Japanese style room 24 square meters

    What is the recreation of a new hot spring in Kuroishi Onsenkyo?
    Hot spring STAY × MY○○Thing.

    Perfect for myself
    MY○○Let's find!

    This plan,
    ? Hot Spring STAY × MY Kokeshi?

    With "Kokeshi no Sato Kuroishi Onsen Town"
    Let's challenge "KokeshiContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 11,016 to ¥ 12,096
  • 【Limited to Weekdays·Only Room/ No Meals Included Stay】Late arrival is OK ◎ Also ski & snowboarding and business! 24 hours natural hot spring

       Weekday limited × no meal
     Also in winter leisure and business!

    Because it is a plan that can not eat, you can arrive late or depart early in the morning OK!
    Natural hot spring which puts in whilContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 5,400 -
  • 2 Meals Included◆Enjoy the cuisine of the hotel and 24 hours a day "Ajisai-no-yu spring"!

    [ Plan Details ]
    ┏ ┳ ┳ ┳ ┓ ┓ ┓ =============================
    ┃ 2 ┃ Food ┃ Attached ┃ The standard plan of the hotel is here!
    ┗━┻━┻━┛ =============================

    Focusing on seasonal ingredients and ingredients from Aomori Prefecture,
    You can Continue reading
    Room rate
    From 7,500 yen excluding tax per adult
  • 【Meal upgrade】Enjoy luxury Aomori gourmet and natural hot springs!

    [ Plan Details ]
    ○Upgrade meals luxurious than usual! , ●

    Customers who say "the best part of the trip is a meal after all" is recommended here!
    Greatly upgraded from the meal contents of tContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 12,000 yen per adult to
  • Breakfast Included◆Bathing 24 hours OK Ajisai-no-yu& handmade breakfast

    [ Plan Details ]
    ☆★┳ ━ ┳ ┓ ┓ ======================================
    ┃ Morning ┃ Food ┃ Attached ┃ Recommended for both business & leisure use!

    Because it is a plan that does not have dinner, even latContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 5,000 yen per tax per adult