【Official】Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki

I hope for a Japanese garden from various parts of the facility, entrust me with cooking and famous hot springs

Four seasons of taste, which led by Head Chef Sugai cuisine people make up.
We enjoyed the famous hot springs of Kinugawa River river which keeps going from now to nine with the yuzu.
There are 5 types of private bath with tatami mats.
There are various types of accommodation rooms with plenty of space.
Please leave the hustle and bustle of the city and have a dream in the hotel.

Spa & Esthe KAIKA


    Energy of flowers gives us peaceful and happy feelings, heals all energy levels, and brings harmony.
  • KAIKA Overnight Plan

    We have prepared a plan tailored to the needs of customers from those who experience spa and beauty salon to full-scale spa.

    ※Other spa menus are also available.For more information please contact the spa directly.
    ※This spa is a complete reservation system.We recommend that you make a reservation in advance so that you can use it at your desired time.
  • KAIKA Day Trip Plan

    With a treatment starting from a foot bath with flowers, I will move on to my dream time and dream.

    We have prepared a day trip plan that you can feel free to use for many people.
    Treatment begins with a foot bath with flowers and it will be a dream and a dream come true because of therapist's healing "touch".
    Aromatherapy Associates free to experience the oil of the UK's highest peak "Aromatherapy Associates".
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Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Lounge Yurikago

    Please spend a relaxing time in the lounge which overlooks the Japanese garden.

    Relaxing space with a view of the garden that faces a variety of tastes every season.
    Relax with Nikko Coffee and tea or original chiffon cake.
    The Japanese garden is lit up at night.
  • Bar Lounge Le Bouquet

    A place where you can relax and enjoy wine and alcohol.

    Fragrance of wine carefully aged in barrel · · ·
    The fragrance that is complex and deep is called "bouquet".
    Le Bouquet is a place where you can relax and enjoy wine and alcohol.
    Night of a journey to forget everyday, please enjoy the bliss time allowed only by adults.

    A fragrant bouquet that gathered various fragrant sake, Le Bouquet has prepared a notch class of alcohol.

    ·Suntory, Hibiki 21 years
    ·Suntory, Single malt Yamazaki 18 years
    ·Nikka, Taketsuru 17 years
    ·Fore Roses Platinum
    ·IW Harper, Aged 12 Years
    ·The McCarran, 18 years Fine oak
    ·Old Par, 18 years
    ·Bowmore, 18 years
    ·Hennesy XO
    ·Remy Martin 1738
    ·Martell, VSOP
    ·Glass wine: Red, white, champagne and sparkling wine are available.
    ·Wine (bottle): We prepared champagne, red · white, mainly in France, Italian · American · Japan.
  • Yume no Michi Kusa

    Souvenir shop, a Refresh Corner, and a game corner, "Yume no Michi Kusa".
    Why do not you find the momentary dream moment in a crisp mood.
    Delivery of luggage and Souvenir from the hotel is possible.
    Please contact us for more information.

    [Fashionable yukata]
    We have lots of Yukata which we can afford for a fee.
    If you would like to dress please ask.

    [Refresh Corner]
    Why do not you refresh your mind and body with a foot massage for your daily fatigue?
    Business hours from 16:00 to 24:00 (reservation is until 21:30)

    [Gift shop·Free Gift]
    We offer a variety of Souvenir, including Japanese-style accessories, local sake and specialty products.

    [Petit Game Corner]
    It is a game corner which can be enjoyed with small children.

    [Original item]
    ❁ Junmai ginjoshu"Yume no Toki Plan(Yume no Toki)"
    ❁ "Yume Toki Hyakka Yume Yume Toki Hyakka(Yumetoki Hyakka)"
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  • Groups·Group reservation

    Big welcome from small group booking to group booking of large number
    ※Banquet hall and conference hall are completely smoke-free from April 1, 2018.


  • Guidance

    Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki Buffet is not held in Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki of Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki.
    Meals are only Japanese.
    Also, the hotel is not on the banks of the Kinugawa River, so you can not see the Kinugawa River from your room.
    Please note.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.