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Happy delicious foster healthy Miyama

Transfer of the four seasons Tastefully cooking while watching the ornate garden.
Please enjoy the cuisine that made use of local seasonal ingredients.
※Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki Buffet is not held in Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki of Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotoki. Meals are only Japanese.
  • Restaurant Yamashina

    ~ Please enjoy the exquisite Kyoto style kaiseki cuisine while watching the ornate garden. ~

    Please cherish Kyoto style cuisine cuisine that you can enjoy on a monthly basis, relaxing the seasons' shifting and seasonal ingredients, with your friends and relaxing with your family.

    ※Photo cooking is an example.Contents of dish will vary depending on season, plan.
    • Restaurant Yamashina Plam

      ◆Meals are

      It will be a multi-course meal at the restaurant.We will offer you 1 item 1 item so please enjoy the cuisine.Although the meal place is a restaurant "Yamashina", it may be a seat with a room where the garden can not be seen or other guests.Regarding the location, we will leave it to you.
  • Japanese Dining Wakana

    ~ Live live taste of delicious food ~

    Open kitchen style that you can spend delicious, fun, happy time.
    It is Japanese dining which makes hospitality different from ordinary inn's dishes.
    We prepared seats with different taste, such as digging ceremony seats and table seats.

    The dishes are only delicious products full of handmade feeling that made use of seasonal ingredients such as organic vegetables and local ingredients.
    Please enjoy the grace of the earth.

    ※Photo cooking is an example.Contents of dish will vary depending on season, plan.
    • [ Wakana Plan ]

      ◆Meals are

      A dish using local fresh vegetables at a Japanese Dining Wakana new sensation.In addition to the seasonal basketball cuisine cuisine, we are preparing the large pan special cuisine using IH and the large ceramic dinner party meal.
  • Japanese and foreign food L`Amusant

    ~ New style to enjoy in adult space "Japanese and foreign food" ~

    L'Amusant is an adult space that enjoys "conversation", "meal" and "sake".
    The basic principle of cooking emphasizes "element of sum" to the last, incorporates fashionable Japanese food in Western style.

    Of course you can enjoy wine as well as sake on wine glass.
    In addition, we mainly picked up sake that is compatible with meals.
    "L'Amusant" is "adult space" to use for "customers 12 years of age or older".

    ※Photo cooking is an example.Contents of dish will vary depending on season, plan.
    • [ Japanese and foreign food L'Amusant plan ]

      ◆Meals are

      Evening & breakfast with Japanese and foreign food in L'AmusantPlease enjoy "conversation", "meal" and "sake".
  • Restaurant scenery(Temporary)

    ** It looks nice if four are displayed at home pickup.**


How about bouquets and cakes for directing celebrations on anniversary?
We are preparing various services so that our guests have a wonderful anniversary.

We will do our best to accommodate your request.
Please feel free to contact us.
  • bouquet

    \ 3,000(tax excluded)~
    ※Please contact us as we will respond if you have any requests.
  • Cake

    No. 5:\ 3,000(tax excluded)~
    ※We will respond to size, decoration etc. Please contact us.
  • Chief Chef, Kazushi Sugai

    19th grade living in Nikko City

    The appetizers serving the four seasons making use of the tea ceremony · flower arrangement techniques are highly valued within the industry and are good at cooking using the excellent local ingredients and recipes.

    Vice President Nationwide Japan Cooking Licensed Society Assoiation
    Chairman, Tochigi Prefecture Japan Cooking Licensed Society