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Kikuman passion cooking

Blessing of nature.

Blessed with fish selected carefully and rich nature, the grace of nature of Oyama.
Please enjoy the cuisine that brings out the seasonal taste to the maximum.
  • "Mountain" Enjoy the grace of the land grew up in a rich natural environment.

    Tottori Wagyu who grew up in a rich natural environment is "Brand Wagyu" which won first prize at the 1st Nationwide Wagyu Cooperative Committee.Please eat Tottori Wagyu meat that is soft, mouth-soluble, spreading after the meat juice.
  • Selected fresh seafood deep-fried at Sakaiminato.

    The president of the hotel is also a fisherman who specializes in submarine, carefully selected and purchased fresh seafood deep-fried at Sakaiminato.
    There is also a cage in the facility.The president himself provided fish and rocks caught in fishing and raw docking to our guests' dishes.
  • 【Limited Time Only】Red Snow crab

    Fresh! "Crab Shell Miso" and "Sweet plenty body" are characterized.Please have a red snow crab, which you can offer only locally!
  • Mosa Shrimp

    It is a shrimp which is not very distributed outside the prefecture because freshness falls fast.Please enjoy the texture and sweetness of the Mosa Shrimp which can only be tasted here.
  • Matsuba Crab

    Sanin The king of the taste of winter "Matsuba Crab".The crunchy texture made with prepuri and melting sweetness is excellent.
  • Sasae

    A fresh Sasae who is out of style.It is a gem that is irresistible with the fragrance of the iso and the crisp texture.
  • Rock rock

    The president himself harvests rocks that can be obtained only in the summer season by fishing.Please eat plenty of sweet and melting premium natural rocks with plenty of milk.
  • Abalone

    Bathing of abalone is good even if you put butter and you can enjoy the scent of the sea as it is.Please eat as you like.
  • Rosy Seabass

    A snake which is also described as a white fish Tolo.Boiling of plenty of delicious taste with rich fat is exquisite.
  • Kuroge Wagyu beef steaks from Tottori prefecture

    We will offer you with a ribulose steak to taste the umami of "Tottori Wagyu" of Tottori Prefecture's proud brand.
  • Daisen Pork

    Oyama Daisen Pork fleshy that grew deeply with the delicious water and air of Daisen Pork is not persistent, it is the softness which melts on the tongue.
  • Breakfast

    The beginning of the day is from a tasty breakfast.

    I want to make your beginning of the day healthy and refreshing.Breakfast is also a Japanese breakfast of passion that you can enjoy miso soup and sashimi that made use of the seasonal local ingredients taste.
  • Kids' meal

Greeting from Chief Chef

Cooking using ingredients rich in variety every season
  • Inoue Chief Chef

    I would like to have everyone taste dishes using ingredients rich in variety from season to season.
    Since we are organizing menus by asking in advance such as age, season, preference, weak items, I think that you will be pleased.We are waiting for you from the same staff.

    "Birthplace", Shimane Prefecture
    "Major work experience", "Suishin", "long paradise", "Kappo Nishiki", "Asuka"
    "Master name", Sashihara Sensei, Nakamura Sensei, Yamashita Sensei, Abe Sensei