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Relaxingly relaxing at everybody Kaike Onsen tiredness of your daily life.

Please enjoy Kaike Onsen no Yu Kikuman Kaike Onsen no Yu with "Kikuman"

  • One of famous hot springs in the Sanin, History of Kaike Onsen

    Place name of Kaike is derived from the large pond called was in the Tensho year (1573 from 1592) of the Warring States period in this land KaichiThat "Kaichi" became "Kaike" was about Keio 3 (1867) in the Late Edo Period.I have an anecdote that it is called locally and popularly and the name is used as it is.The hot spring was discovered in the early Meiji (time period) 1900.A long time ago, the Kaike Beach was a local fisherman who fished on the beach for the first time because the fishery was very popular as a good fishing ground for sardines and horse mackerels, coincidentally happening that bubbles are spurting out It seems he also found it.The hot water spouting from the sea for more than a century has now been handed down as a famous hot spring of the forefront of Sanin.

    Nice skin beautiful hot water for women

    Is that hot water a pioneer thalassotherapy?
    The fountain quality of Kaike Onsen's Kaike Onsen spring is one of the most important functions of beauty and health with excellent heat insulation effect!

    Miho Bay hot springs that spring from the sea floor are the first settlement amount in the prefecture.As expected, there is only hot water that springs in the ocean, the quality of spring is the inclusive salt fountain.That is, it is proved by data that chloride fountain, "Shionoyu" is.
    The fact that the salt concentration is high, that is, that the keeping power is high.It is said that it can be expected to work to effectively warm the core of the body and activate metabolism.Recent health-conscious thalassotherapy.This is a natural remedy using seawater, a beauty health method already used in Europe for Europe.It is beginning to penetrate gradually in Japan.In other words, Kaike no Yu can hear the thalasso effect as soaked in hot water healing hot water.It is a thalasso's original ancestor who has been used for 100 years.
    Fountain quality is characteristic of sodium, calcium chloride fountain, weak saline spring salted water, excellent heat retention effect, it has efficacy such as neuralgia, rheumatism, skin disease, slimming effect.There are 16 sources - 19 sources and the source temperature is at most 80 degrees.
    Form of hot spring use

    【Combination formula for discharging circulation】
    While spilling a new hot spring constantly in the bathtub, sucking the hot spring in the bathtub from sucking out mouth etc., a method of recycling hot spring back to bathtub via filtration device again.We are adding water because source temperature is 64.2 degrees and it is hot.Depending on the season it may be heated with a heat exchanger.
  • Open Air Bath

    Comfortable music flows in the outdoor bath.
    Please relax and enjoy Kaike Salt Bath the space away from everyday life.
    We are preparing both male and female hot water.
  • Men's bath

    Peaceful healing, relief of sound

    Aoishi bath with Shikoku's Aoishi

    Is a rock bath of majestic and powerful impression Using plenty spacious and the Aoishi of Shikoku
    The rock wall spreading out in a timely manner is directing a grand healing space in a single world view.
    Please enjoy the hot springs of Kaike of Kikuman to be healed both physically and mentally.
    Hot spring bath hours
    15: 00 ~ 1: 00, 5: 00-9: 30 in the morning
  • Female inner bath

    Soft and slippery, Moist, Beautiful waters.

    Enjoy beauty hot water.

    Relax with your mind and body at the Red Mikage Stone hot spring public bath and jacuzzi.
    A gentle designed bathtub drawing a large arc.
    Kaike no Yu Nagami Minami 's deflection envelops you.
    Also, I was happy with women, we stocked abundant items.
    Hot spring bath hours
    15: 00 ~ 1: 00, 5: 00-9: 30 in the morning
    Kaike Onsen no Yu is a beautiful hot water for women.
    Recent health-conscious thalassotherapy.
    This is a natural remedy using seawater, a beauty health method already used in Europe for Europe.Kaike Onsen no Yu is a healing bath where you can feel the thalasso effect as soaked in hot water.It helps beauty and health with excellent heat retention effect!
  • Private Bath

    Private Bath(Reservation required)※It is not 2 hours, 100 yen per hour, hot spring.
  • Amenity goods are abundant

    Introduction of amenity goods, amenity goods are also abundantly available.
    Purchase is handled at the shop on the 1st floor of the hotel.Please purchase according to your preference.

    For small children to enjoy the bath with confidence,
    ●Baby mat ●Baby tub ●Children's chair, "Children's tub" We have children's shuffout hat.

    I want passion for shampoo too! In response to the feeling of such a woman, I installed a shampoo buffet.
    Please enjoy bus time to your heart's content.

Hot Springs

Kaike Onsen

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Private Bath


Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.